How to get to Lund

Lund University is based in the city of Lund, close to Malmö (Sweden’s 3rd largest city) in the south of Sweden. This part of Sweden is very close to Denmark and Germany. The main campus buildings of Lund University are located in the centre of Lund and are an approximate 5-10 minutes' walk from the Lund railway station.

Copenhagen airport - the closest international airport to Lund

The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport (also known as "Kastrup"), in Denmark. The journey time by train from the airport to Lund is about 35 minutes. The journey takes you over the Öresund Bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden and via Malmö central station where you may need to change trains. Train tickets can be purchased from the Skånetrafiken ticket machines in the arrivals hall at Copenhagen Airport, near the escalators going down to the train platform. You can buy a ticket all the way to Lund and the ticket will be valid even if you change trains at Malmö central station. You can pay in Euros, Swedish kronor or Danish kroner for your ticket at the airport and you can also use a debit/credit card with a chip.

WATCH VIDEO: Watch a short video on how to get from Copenhagen Airport to Lund University.

The closest local airport to Lund is Malmö Sturup. It has some international flights from destinations within Europe and flights from other Swedish airports including Stockholm. There are bus connections to Sturup airport ('flygbus') or you can get a taxi to Lund.

Trains from Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg

Lund is located on the main railway line from Malmö to several different destinations such as Berlin, Olso, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Travel time from Stockholm is about 4 hours on the express train 'X2000' or 6-7 hours on 'Intercity' trains. Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is approximately 250 km north of Lund. There are regular trains between Gothenburg and Lund. The journey time is approximately 3-4 hours. To book tickets or find out more about destinations and travel times please visit SJ and Snälltåget.

Car and passenger ferries from Germany, Poland, Denmark and the UK

There are car and passenger ferry connections to southern Sweden from Germany with Scandlines and TT-Line, and from Poland with Polferries. There are also connections via Denmark from Germany and the UK.

To travel by car over the Öresund Bridge from Denmark there is a toll. Lund is conveniently reached from the main roads E6 and E22.



It takes approximately 10 minutes to travel between Malmö and Lund by local commuter trains ('Pågatåg' or 'Öresundståg'). These trains depart approximately 4-6 times per hour on weekdays with a less frequent service at the weekends and in the evenings. Tickets are available from the ticket machines on the platform using Swedish currency.  You can only buy single tickets from these machines. You can also pay at the ticket office. If you will commute regularly, you can buy a 'JoJo' monthly pass or discount card from the ticket office.


From Malmö to Lund by taxi, the cost is approximately SEK 300. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes. Taxis normally accept all major credit cards.