Who does what at the University?

University Board

The University Board has overall responsibility for the whole of Lund University’s operations. It is made up of representatives of the University’s academic staff and students and representatives of wider society.

Vice-Chancellor and University Management

The Vice-Chancellor of the University is in charge of its operations after the University Board.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is deputy to the Vice-Chancellor.

The Vice-Chancellor has also appointed four Pro Vice-Chancellors.

The Head of Administration reports to the Vice-Chancellor and is responsible for the University’s administration and finances and the organisation of the central administration.

The Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, pro vice-chancellors, all the deans and the Head of Administration form the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council.

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Lund University has the following faculties:

The highest decision-making body at each faculty is the faculty board.

Departments and equivalent units

Most of the University’s research and education takes place at the departments. The operations of each department are led by a head of department

Electoral College

The University’s Electoral College serves as a nominating committee and consultation group for the appointment of a vice-chancellor, deputy vice-chancellor or academic staff representatives to the University Board. The college, which is to comprise a maximum of 48 members, includes teaching staff with research or artistic expertise from all faculties, representatives of other staff, and student representatives.

More information about the Electoral College (in Swedish)

Education Board

The central Education Board is in charge of university-wide strategic matters concerning education at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels. This task also encompasses quality assurance and quality enhancement. The Board, which includes representatives of all faculties, has been delegated the power to make decisions on education-related matters by the Vice-Chancellor.

Research Board

The central Research Board is in charge of university-wide strategic matters concerning research and has special responsibility for facilitating and supporting cross-boundary research at the University. The Board, which includes representatives of all faculties and specialised centres, is first and foremost a preparatory and advisory body, but has been delegated the power to make decisions on certain matters by the Vice-Chancellor.

Other boards and committees

The University also has a number of other central boards and committees that prepare and decide on specific matters, for example:

  • Disciplinary Board
  • Admissions Board
  • Degree Board
  • Investigation Committee on Scientific Misconduct
  • Staff Disciplinary Board
  • Board of the MA/MSc in Secondary Education

Central Administration

The University’s central administration provides administrative service to students, departments, faculties and boards.

More information about the Central Administration (in Swedish).

Internal Audit Office

The Internal Audit Office is an independent, objective safeguarding and advisory unit with the task of enhancing and improving the operations of the University. At Lund University, the Internal Audit Office is a free-standing unit, organised under the Vice-Chancellor. The Internal Audit Office reports the results of its work directly to the University Board.

Lund University Libraries

Lund University Libraries is a network comprising the University Library and faculty libraries. The primary task of the network is to support the University’s research and education by providing good access to academic literature and information. The organisation is led by the University Librarian and the Library Board.


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