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Professional development and career opportunities

For Lund University employees
It is important for us at Lund University to be able to offer our employees personal development and career development during their time with us. We provide our employees with opportunities to extend both the breadth and depth of their knowledge and skills.

New employees

The most important part of your introduction to your new job is most certainly the one you get locally at your department. Your manager is responsible for giving you an introduction to everything you need to know in your day-to-day work. At a different level, the faculty you belong to will give you a presentation of the organisation and key functions at faculty level that you are likely to interact with in your position.

In addition, a 'Welcome day',  is arranged twice a year at Lund University. At this event we present the University as a whole and give you a chance to listen to inspirational talks by fellow employees about the University's history, research, education and innovation. The Vice-Chancellor also presents his vision and goals for the University.

More information for new employees on the Lund University Staff pages

Continuing professional development

Management and leadership training

According to the University's vision and core values, communicative leadership is a key factor in taking the University forward in times of change. In order to ensure that our managers and team leaders have these skills, we provide a number of management training courses with different focuses depending on whether you are new in your role or are a more experienced manager. 

Training courses for employees

As an employee of Lund University, you can apply for most of the internal and university-specific courses that are offered as staff training. We have just over 1000 participants each year in these courses. The courses are usually intended for specific employee groups, but can also be more general and focus on areas such as project or process management.

Learning Swedish

Learning some Swedish will be of great benefit to you both in your personal and your professional life in Sweden. Therefore, we offer Swedish language courses at several different levels for our non-Swedish employees.

More information about these courses is available on our Staff Pages

International exchanges

Going on an international exchange provides valuable perspectives and often lays the foundation for long term collaboration in new regions around the world. An exchange is valuable both for you and for Lund University. Scholarships for staff exchange are available through Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus and Nordplus for different staff categories. In addition, most faculties have agreements with other universities that include the possibility of international staff exchange.

Training for higher education teaching staff

The teaching training programme is developed for staff members who are teaching at Bachelor's, Master’s and PhD level at Lund University. These training courses are run by the Centre for Educational Development (CED), which is part of the University.

Please read more about professional development on our Staff Pages

Career opportunities

It is of course important for Lund University to recruit high-performing employees and managers. It is equally important to be able to keep them on as staff members. Here are two examples of how Lund University invests in career opportunities for academic staff:

Career development position as associate senior lecturer

Lund University has a career development position entitled 'Associate Senior Lecturer'. This position gives you the right to be assessed for promotion to a permanent position as a senior lecturer.

LuPOD – Lund University’s postdoctoral programme

Our one-year career development programme, luPOD, aims to support young researchers in their personal and professional development. The programme in intended for associate senior lecturers, research fellows or people with similar work duties employed at Lund University. There are also other activities associated with the programme.

Postdoc training program

Postdocs at Lund University are welcome to register for Postdoc Career Success, an online training programme in English that introduces essential skills and tools directly usable in the daily work for an early career researcher.

Read more about career development opportunities on our Staff Pages

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