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Commissioned Education

Lund University Commissioned Education makes the resources of Scandinavia’s largest university available to companies, organisations and authorities aiming to develop their business and staff.
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External Projects

External Projects work with the application, management and implementation of projects and processes which are related to international cooperation within higher education.
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Marketing & Recruitment

International Marketing & Recruitment works with various activities related to the recruitment of students and marketing of the university.
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Student Experience and Mobility

Student Experience and Mobility assist exchange students on university wide agreements. The team also arranges the orientation weeks and social activities for international students throughout the semester. General enquires about studies at Lund University are handled by the International Desk.
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Strategic Partnerships and Networks

Strategic partnerships and networks coordinates, manages and oversees quality-assurance for university-wide international partnerships and funding programmes (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Linnaeus-Palme, Nordplus etc.) related to education and research. 
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International Faculty contacts

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Visiting Address

Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Stora Algatan 4, Lund