SUSA courses

Introductory Swedish - SUSA

Lund University offers a short introduction to the Swedish language for exchange students. The course is called SUSA and it is designed to give exchange students a smooth integration into Swedish society. The course concludes with a written exam and is worth 3 ECTS credits.

Application to SUSA

You can only apply for this course in advance. Applications for SUSA are made in the combined online application where you also apply for the mentor programme. 

Intensive language instruction

Instruction is offered at beginner's and intermediate levels. If you have previous knowledge of Swedish, you will be asked to do a self-evaluation test in order to be placed at the correct level. 

More information can be found on the SUSA web page.

Further studies in Swedish

If after SUSA, you want to study more Swedish, you have the possibility to apply for the SVE courses. The application period starts on Arrival Day.