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Founded in 1666, Lund University is one of northern Europe's oldest, broadest and finest universities. With eight faculties and several research centres/specialised institutes, Lund University is consistently ranked as one of the world's top 100 universities and is located in Sweden - one of the safest countries in the world.

Lund University offers over 500 free-standing courses, over 90 Master's level programmes and 5 Bachelor's degree programmes, taught in English.

Bachelor's level degree programmes

Currently, Lund University offers five full Bachelor's degree programmes that are taught in English:

The Bachelor's programmes are open to all students who have completed their upper secondary level schooling and who meet the specific admission requirements of the programme. Programme descriptions, admission requirements, tuition fee information and the application process for these Bachelor's degree programmes can be found by following the above programme weblinks.

      Bachelor's level courses

      Lund University offers a large number of individual Bachelor's level courses across a range of subject areas, taught in English. However most of these courses are taught at the 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th- year level of a Bachelor's degree. These are listed as "continuation level" courses when searching for courses by subject. This means that the admission requirements usually require that you have already studied the subject at an introductory (1st- or 2nd- year) Bachelor's level at a university. These courses are typically designed for exchange students.

      There are a small number of Bachelor's level courses taught in English, which are suitable for students who have not previously studied the subject at an introductory Bachelor's level (i.e. completed upper secondary school education is the only admission requirement for the course). These are listed as "introduction level" courses (courses taught at the equivalent of 1st- year Bachelor's studies) when searching for courses by subject.

      Who can apply for Bachelor's level courses

      In general, the majority of Lund University's Bachelor's level courses that are taught in English are designed for students coming on a student exchange. Some of the courses are only available to exchange students, whilst other courses are open to all students who meet the admission requirements. To find out if your current university has an exchange agreement with Lund University, you can talk to the international office at your home university. Read more from our webpages about student exchange.

      It is possible to apply for some of the Bachelor's level courses that are taught in English as an independent student (a student that is not coming on a student exchange). If you meet the admission requirements, then you are able to apply for these courses.

      Lund University also offers some Study Abroad programmes for international students, who are interested in coming to Lund, even if their home university does not have an exchange agreement with Lund University. 

      Detailed enquires regarding Bachelor's level courses are best directed to the relevant study advisor for the course you are interested in. You will find contact details in the course descriptions or via the relevant faculty website pages.

      Please note that there is no central coordinator/advisor at the University to assist independent students (a student that is not coming on a student exchange or Study Abroad programme) with the planning or selection of course structure and timetables for Bachelor's level courses.

      Courses only open for application in the Swedish student application round

      Some of the Bachelor’s level courses are only ever open for application during the later, "Swedish student" application round and these courses are not open in the regular international student application period. The later application rounds take place closer to the start of the semester in which the course is due to begin. This means that non-EU/EEA citizens without residence permits will not generally be able to get their Swedish residence permit in time for the start of the semester, because the admission results do not come out until just a few weeks before the course is due to begin.

      Programme study advisors

      For information regarding whether a programme or course is right for you or to check specific programme/course content, it is best to contact the programme directly - find contact details with the programme/course descriptions.

      University Admissions in Sweden

      For official information regarding the application process, document requirements and rules, English proficiency tests and exemptions, tuition and application fees and exemptions, visit www.universityadmissions.se

      General Study Information

      For general information about studies at Lund University you can:

      Email: studentreception[at]lu.se or get in touch with our Study Guidance team, telephone: +46 (0)46 222 0100 or

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