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Studentlund: Nations, Unions, AF

Studentlund logoLund University is well known for its unique student life and fantastic campus atmosphere. The variety of student organisations, including the famous "nations of Lund", provides excellent opportunities for you to experience student life and to join in student events. You can get involved by joining Studentlund or joining Smålands nation (an independent nation that is not part of the Studentlund cooperation).

Membership of Studentlund means you have access to everything ranging from student discounts, cheap accommodation, interesting talks, entertaining theatre and a wide range of other social activities, through to student influence in the University and guaranteed monitoring of education.

Video explaining the Studentlund Membership

A Studentlund membership gives you access to:

    The "nations"

    The 13 nations are large student social clubs that are unique in Sweden. Each nation has its own particular atmosphere. Getting involved with the nations is a great way to meet friends and enjoy student life. The nations organise a lot of social activities including social sports, clubs (e.g. photography) as well as parties, cheap dinner nights and social events. Some nations also have accommodation.  Note that there is one nation - Smålands nation - that is not a part of the Studentlund cooperation. Find links to all nations at the bottom of this page.

    The Academic Society ("AF")

    The Academic Society ("Akademiska Föreningen" or "AF") organises a number of events and student activities including "studentafton" (evening interviews with high profile guests), the student radio station 99.1MHz (Scandinavia's largest student radio station), the student TV channel "STEVE" (Sweden's first student TV channel), student theatre, costume hire, "Spex" comedy musicals, lectures, debates, art and cultural events and AF Bostäder accommodation.

    Student unions

    The student unions handle politics and student rights and are active in contributing to the way in which the University is run. Note that there are two unions - TLTH (The Student Union at the Faculty of Engineering) and the PhD student union - that are not a part of the Studentlund cooperation.

      Darcy Thompson (Canada)

      "Lund is a charming little city with a big city atmosphere. As a student it isn’t possible to get bored here, there are always so many activities going on."

      Artur Iskandaryan (Armenia)

      "There are fantastic opportunities to do sport here, and if you want to go out, the student ‘nations’ offer a wide and cheap selection of bars, restaurants and nightclubs."

      YOU TUBE

      The Academic Society hold activities for students and the big AF games is one example.

      Baburaja Asokan (India)

      "Lund is the perfect city in which to study. The city is old and beautiful and student life here is fantastic. I have a lot of fun!"