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The Digital Society

Science Week, 24-30 April 2017
Today, digitalisation permeates our entire society, and the trend continues at tremendous speed. Where are we going and what challenges and opportunities await? What are the major issues and how can digitisation improve society? Is it even possible to imagine what the future will look like?

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During this week, we will discuss the interplay between technology and society, such as healthcare, cultural development and personal integrity. There will be exciting activities and interesting lectures by prominent researchers who will discuss our present and future society.

Main symposium

The Digital Society Symposium 24-25 April

Dates: 24-25 April  I Place: Lund City Hall

The Digital Society science week starts with a two-day symposium, 24-25 April, that addresses the digital society from a number of perspectives through its 4 invited international guest and 16 scholars from Lund University.

The two days are structured by four themes:

  • Legal and Political Changes in the Digital Society
  • Digital Communication and Media
  • Local Experiences, Global Challenge
  • Digital Technology - the Sky is the Limit?

Our ambition is to fill the Lund City Hall with a mix of students, scholars and participants from all parts of society and we are very much proud to announce that the conference involves four invited plenary speakers of particular excellence:           

  • Professor Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University: How digital has destroyed democracy — and what we can do to recover it
  • Professor José van Dijck, University of Amsterdam: Who governs the platform society? Embattling public values in a connective world
  • Professor Hu Yong, Peking University: The Internet in China: The Same, but Different
  • Professor Danica Kragic, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH: Man and Machine - the Challenge of Collaboration

Spoken language: Popular Science English

Cost: Free of charge, but the initial registration is preliminary, and the organisers may introduce quotas in order to secure that all target groups are represented.

Detailed programme and registration at the Faculty of Engineering website

Events and activities during the week

Debate: Digital Age - Good Times or Bad Times?

Date: 24 April I Time: 20:00-21:00 I Place: Cafe Athen, AF-borgen, Lund

More information to be published in the calendar at

Digital Asia: Visions, Transformations, and Engagements

Date: 26 April I Time: 09:15-17:00 I Place: Palaestra, Lund

More information about this event in the calendar at

Digitalisation of the Built Environment

Date: 26 AprilTime: 09:00-16:00 I Place: To be announced

More information to be published in the calendar at

Seminar: Young Technology in the Everyday Lives of the Elderly

Date: 27 April I Time: 10:00-13:00 I Place: To be announced

More information to be published in the calendar at

Digital Cultures 2017

Date: 27 April I Time: 10:00 I Place: LUX, Lund

More information to be published in the calendar at

eHealth: the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Date: 27 April I Time: 13:00-17:00 I Place: Pufendorf Institute, auditorium, Lund
Read more about the event in the calendar at

How Sustainable is the Digital Society?

Date: 28 April I TimeTo be announced I Place: To be announced

More information to be published in the calendar at

Theme Robots: Past, Present and Future

Date: 29-30 April I Time: 12:00-17:00 I Place: LUX & Vattenhallen Science Center, Lund

Vattenhallen holds an open house, with free entrance, and offers a Robot show and many experiments on electronics and programming. On Saturday 29 April, our astronomer demonstrates how to program in the planetarium. Since the planetarium can only hold a limited number of people you need to reserve a ticket for this event at the reception desk (free tickets).  Each demonstration takes approximately 30 minutes and starts at 12:45, 13:45 and 14:45.

More information about this event in the calendar at

Other events

Check the events calendar to see other events during our jubilee year.


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