Functional Genomics

Programme overview

  • Master level course
  • 15 credits
  • Campus
  • Study period: –

The course includes four major sections; an introduction to tumour biology, genomics, expression analysis, and proteomics. A major goal of the course is to teach students to handle, analyse and interpret large biological data sets. Computer exercises will deal with relevant problems within the respective subfields and generally be quite complex and extend for 2-4 days. The obtained results will be conveyed both as written reports and as oral presentations. Teaching is peformed by lectures and practical computer exercises. There will be a written examination and the student have to have participated in all exercises to pass the course.

More information can be found at http://www.med.lu.se/biomedicin/masterprogram/aar_1_termin_2/funktionell_genomik_bimm53