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Photo of Lund University's iTunes U portal page

Lund University's iTunes U portal

On Lund University’s iTunes U portal you can find lectures, debates, courses, laboratory exercises, research features and more. Because Lund University is a full-scale university, you can find material from all sorts of subjects. All the material is free to download to your mobile phone, computer or e-reader. New material is continually created and made available. There is content in English and content in Swedish (some Swedish content has English subtitles). 

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U is a worldwide portal for university courses and lectures. Around 800 universities use the portal. You can watch and listen to excellent lecturers and see laboratory exercises and experiments. You can download video and sound files to your computer or mobile phone free of charge. iTunes U is a part of Apple’s iTunes platform. 

How to access Lund University's iTunes U material

You do not need to go into iTunes to access the material that Lund University makes available. Under our RSS feeds for iTunes U webpage you can download the material you are interested in and play it in your own media player.

How to visit Lund University's iTunes U portal

If you wish to visit the iTunes U portal directly, you first need to download iTunes to your computer.Then you can open the Lund University iTunes U portal page.

How to view subtitles where they are available

When you open a subtitled movie that you have downloaded (either through our RSS streams or directly from iTunes U), you must make a menu selection to see the subtitles. The menu instructions look different between various video playing programs, but below are the instructions for how to turn on the subtitles in VLC or iTunes programs.

VLC video player: After opening the movie in VLC, choose from the menu "Video" and select "Subtitles track" and "Enable" as shown below:

Screenshot of VLC

iTunes: You can set iTunes so it always shows the subtitles in a certain language if they are in the file, or you can turn it off and on as you wish. To turn the subtitles on for a specific movie that has subtitles available, select menu "Control" and then "English":

Screen shot showing iTunes U menu instructions to turn on subtitles

iTunes: To automatically select the subtitles when they are available, go to iTunes> Edit> Preferences. Select the "Playback" tab and select the "subtitle language" as highlighted below:

screen shot showing iTunes U menu to automatically select subtitles

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iTunes U project group
The work to develop iTunes U is led by a project group made up of teaching staff, researchers, journalists, filmmakers, librarians and technicians. 

Questions and advice
For questions regarding Lund University on iTunes U please contact Johan Nyman via email: multimedia@lu.se

Access Lund University content

RSS feeds for iTunes U content (you can download material and play in your own media player, without having iTunes on your computer).

Lund University iTunes U portal (you need to have iTunes downloaded onto your computer).