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Book chapter, 2015
Title: The Russian "Parents' Movement"
Author/s: Tova Höjdestrand
Editor: Korolczuk Elżbieta, Fábián Katalin
Book, Women's Studies International Forum, 2015
Title: Changes in Academia
Editor: Mia Liinason
Book chapter, Oxford University Press, 2015
Title: The Ecology of Empire: From "Ecological Imperialism" to Imperialism as an Ecological Process
Author/s: Alf Hornborg
Editor: Bang Peter F., Bayly C.A., Scheidel Walter
Journal article, Journal of Sport Behavior, 2015
Title: Exploring nonverbal behavior in elite handball players: Development of the Handball Post-Shot Behavior Coding Scheme (H-PSB-CS)
Author/s: Karin Moesch, Göran Kenttä, C. Mikael Mattsson
Book chapter, Cambridge University Press, 2014
Title: The Arawakan Matrix
Author/s: Love Eriksen, Swintha Danielsen
Editor: Loretta O'Connor, Pieter Muysken
Book chapter, Cambridge University Press, 2014
Title: The Tupian Expansion
Author/s: Love Eriksen, Ana Vilacy Galucio
Editor: Loretta O'Connor, Pieter Muysken
Book, Studentlitteratur, 2014
Title: Strategisk kommunikation: En introduktion
Author/s: Jesper Falkheimer, Mats Heide
Journal article, The international Journal of Human Resource Management, 2014
Title: The Role of the Physical Work Environment for Creative Employees:a Case Study of Digital Artists
Author/s: Eva Hoff, Natalie Öberg
Journal article, Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 2014
Title: The relationship between Identity consistency across social roles and different aspects of mental health varies by age group
Author/s: Daiva Daukantaité, Elin Soto Thompson
Journal article, Neurocase, 2014, 20, 2, 192-207
Title: Sensory-specific anomic aphasia following left occipital lesions: Data from free oral descriptions of concrete word meanings
Author/s: Frida Mårtensson, Mikael Roll, Magnus Lindgren, Pia Apt, Merle Horne

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