Title Nya hastighetsgränser i tätort - Resultat av försök i några svenska kommuner
Alt. title New speed limits in built-up areas - Results from trials in some Swedish cities
Author/s Christer Hydén, Thomas Jonsson, Leif Linderholm, Mohsen Towliat
Department/s Transport and Roads
Full-text Available as PDF
Publication/Series Bulletin 240 A / 3000
Publishing year 2008
Report number Bulletin 240 A / 3000
Pages 150
Document type Report
Status published
Language Swedish
Publisher Lund University Faculty of Engineering, Technology and Society, Transport and Roads, Lund, Sweden
Abstract English During 2007 and 2008 the speed limits 40 och 60 km/h have been tried out in twelve Swedish cities, out of which six have participated in a evaluation in this project, financed by the Swedish National Road Administration. The evaluation has focused on effects from the changes in speed limits on actual speeds, safety, environment and travel times, as well as the attitudes towards the new speed limits. The speed reductions have been small, on average 1,6 km/h, but this still yields an expected reduction of almost 10% in number of casualties, the environmental impact is somewhat reduced but travel times are up about 5%.
Subject Technology and Engineering
Keywords environment, traffic safety, Hastighet, restid, speed limits, hastighetsgräns, speed, travel times, trafiksäkerhet, miljö
ISBN/ISSN/Other ISSN: 1653-1930
Funder Vägverket (Swedish National Road Administration)

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