Master Programme in European Business Law

Programme overview

  • Master's Programme, 2 Years, Full time
  • Code: LU-18200
  • 120 credits
  • Lund Campus
  • Study period: 01 Sep 2014 – 05 Jun 2016

The programme provides an in-depth understanding of both the practical and the theoretical aspects of business law within the European Union and of how the internal market operates in a global context. Students also acquire knowledge of EU constitutional law as a necessary basis for the understanding of European business law.

The programme provides both general and specific knowledge of the European Union legal framework, which is necessary for students intending to work as legal advisors or business decision-makers. Students can tailor the programme to suit their own interests, which gives them a competitive edge when applying for future positions on the labour market.

European Business Law is a two year programme, but students have the possibility to write a master thesis at the end of the first year and then finish the programme with a one year degree.

Career prospects

With a unique combination of traditional legal studies in business law (i.e. contract law, company law, tax law and competition law) and economic- and trade-related issues, this programme is ideal preparation for a career within private practice, national/EU institutions or legal research. It also provides a good grounding for students interested in pursuing an academic career within the University.

For information, contact master programme coordinator Anders Tröjer, anders.trojer@jur.lu.se

More information can be found at http://www.jur.lu.se/master

More information can be found at http://www.jur.lu.se/master

Applications have now Closed

  • Justin Pierce, from South Africa
    “The programme has been fantastic; stimulating, challenging innovative and informative. The lectures and discussion sessions are diverse and have been enriched through the balance between practitioners, academics and other professionals from the institutions and business sector. On a more general level the administration and organisation of the programme has been first class, with great topic diversity and a good balance between practical lawyering skills and academic knowledge.”

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  • Artem Anyshchenko, from Ukraine

    “We have had guest professors that say that the Lund Faculty of Law is the best in all of Scandinavia. They are not employed by the University, which makes their opinion credible, reliable and fairly objective.”

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  • Eugene Nyamunga, 34, from Kenya

    "Being able to work as part of a team is important, and in an increasingly globalised world you cannot ignore other cultures."

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  • Dmitry Kuptsov, from Russia
    "In Russia we studied a lot of theories and doctrinal research, we went through a lot of legislation and we didn’t pay much attention to case solving. In Sweden we mostly work with case studies, which I think is way better for understanding the changes in approaches and so on."

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