Master Programme in Sport Science, Sports Medicine

Scholarships and funding

Lund University Global Scholarship programme

The Lund University Global Scholarship programme is targeted at top academic students from countries outside the EU/EEA (and Switzerland). You apply for a Lund University Global Scholarship after you have applied for the programme/or free-standing course you wish to study at Lund University.

Lund University Regional Excellence Awards

The Regional Excellence Awards are a part of the Lund University Global Scholarship Programme. These scholarships are open for top students applying to Bachelor's or Master's studies and who are nationals of, or have their first degree from USA, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia.

Swedish Institute scholarships

The Swedish Institute offers several scholarship programmes for international students studying at Bachelor's, Master's, PhD and post-doctoral levels.

Swedish Institute Study Scholarship:

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships target highly qualified students from certain countries who have been admitted to study programmes in Sweden. For full information about nominated programmes and other details please review the Swedish Institute Study Scholarship webpage.

Other Swedish Institute Scholarships:

  • Visby Programme - Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Region
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for East Europe
  • Swedish-Turkish Programme

For full information and details please review the Swedish Institute Scholarship information webpage.

US Student Finance

Lund University is a participating institution in the US Government Federal William D. Ford Direct Loan Program for undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral programmes. This includes the Stafford Loans and the Graduate Plus Loans. Please note that this loan programme is only available to US citizens or eligible non-citizens. Read more about US student finance and Lund University.

Canadian Loan Schemes

Lund University is registered with the Canadian tax authorities and accordingly we accept students with Canadian loan schemes.

Programme-specific scholarships for the Master’s programmes in Sport Psychology and Sports Medicine

Lund University has received a donation from Färs & Frosta Sparbank that has enabled us to create new scholarships for non-EU/EEA students applying to the Master’s programmes in Sport Psychology or Sports Medicine. The scholarship is selective and targeted at top academic students.

The scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition fee of the programme (130 000 SEK). To apply for this scholarship, follow the same application process as for the Lund University Global Scholarship. You do not need to specify in your scholarship application that you are applying for this scholarship. When applying to the Master’s programme in Sport Psychology or Sports Medicine and for the Lund University Global Scholarship, your application will automatically be considered in the selection process for this programme-specific scholarship.

For more information about eligibility and how to apply, please see the web page on Lund University Global Scholarship. The application form can be found on that webpage and the current application round is open until 20 January 2012.

  • Adlul Kamal from Bangladesh
    “When I’m at the University I get to interact with students from other departments and disciplines and we share our knowledge with each other. I learn something new every day.”

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  • Salman Butt, from Pakistan

    “I am very content with the education. With no hesitation, I would like to say that the curriculum is very much ideal for students who want to get a Master’s in Sports Sciences.”

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