Lund University ranks highly

29 October 2010

Science at Lund University is highly ranked

Science at Lund University, Sweden, has ranked highly on two different lists. The first, the German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) ranking, places Lund in the ‘Excellence Group’. In the Times Higher Education (THE) rankings, Lund University is ranked as the best in Scandinavia for Physical Sciences.

The German ranking from the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) was published on 27 October. It judges the Master’s programmes on offer in Lund in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics to have exceptional links to research and a highly international character. Lund is therefore included as one of the 130 European higher education institutions in the ‘Excellence Group’.

“I think our strength at the Department of Physics is that, although it is a large, research-intensive department with almost 300 members of staff, we have a special section for undergraduate and Master’s education, with a small number of staff who are employed to look after the students. The students also have close contact with their lecturers, and the international students feel well looked after, despite the problems with housing”, says Tomas Brage, director of studies at the Department of Physics.

Physics in Lund also offers some more unusual courses. In meteorology there is an attractive collaboration with Copenhagen University.

Andreas Gerl is an exchange student from Germany. A major reason why he chose to study physics in Lund was that the courses are taught in English, but he was also attracted by the opportunity to take special courses, for example in semiconductor physics and laser technology. When he arrived in Lund, he was pleasantly surprised by the differences in teaching compared with in Germany:

“Here students have completely different contact with the lecturers. The teaching is also more closely linked to current research and we have more laboratory sessions”, he says.

The Times Higher Education also recently ranked Physical Sciences at Lund University as number 46 in the world and best in Scandinavia. Lund is in fact the only Scandinavian university on the list of the top 50 in the field.

Lund University as a whole is ranked as one of the world’s top 100 by THE at number 89. Only two Scandinavian universities are in the top 100; besides Lund, Karolinska Insititutet (KI) is at number 43.

The selection for the Excellence Group is based on eight criteria: number of publications, number of citations, student and staff mobility and the existence of Erasmus Mundus Master’s programmes or Marie Curie projects. European Research Council grants or Nobel Prize winners among the faculties’ researchers are also taken into account in the selection process.

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