Major interest in collaboration when academia met industry

23 November 2012

What will the energy-saving windows of tomorrow be like? What is the optimal structure for a fuel cell? How can established materials be combined in innovative ways to create new multi-functional products?

These were some of the questions that were in focus when just over 100 researchers and businesspeople met at AIMday to exchange ideas on the latest materials research.

“It is hoped that AIMday will bring about new contacts and meetings so that researchers and companies can start working more together”, explained Johan Borgström, project manager for AIMday Materials in Lund.

A total of 32 questions had been submitted by 16 different companies. Each question was discussed for an hour in small groups with a maximum of 10 people from Lund University and business. One of those attending was Lars Wadsö, Professor of Building Materials.

“I have discussed three different questions and will probably proceed with two of them. One thing I am going to do is to meet a company for further discussions on heat insulation of windows”, said Lars Wadsö.

Carina Byström, chief designer for Volvo Trucks interiors, felt that her question on the renewable materials of the future had been partly answered.

“It was a very open question, so there is no easy answer, but we had a very good discussion”, she said.

Using simple forms filled in at the event, the participants could propose what form a future collaboration could take. Any costs that may arise for the researchers in connection with this, for example travel to meetings with the companies, are covered by LUIS (Lund University Innovation System). A follow-up will be carried out within a month to see if the day has resulted in any new collaborative projects.

Text & photo: Anna Knutsson

About AIMday
AIMday stands for Academia–Industry Meeting Day. The concept originated at Uppsala University, which arranged its first AIMday back in 2008, then under the name of Materialdagen. The aim was the same then as now: to increase interaction between academia and industry. AIMday was held for the first time at Lund University on 25 October. For more information, visit AIMday.