They caught the love bug in Lund

14 February 2013

They went all the way from China to Lund seeking wisdom – but they also found love! In 2009 something magical happened in the queue for the International Housing Office. Some might call it destiny, but most would probably call it a lucky coincidence, that it was here Minchao Wu and Yuan Zhou met for the first time. “At first I thought that he was kind of nerdy,” says Yuan, but nevertheless this was the beginning of a true love story…

Yuan came to Lund in order to study Asian Studies, while Minchao came  to do a Master’s degree in Sustainability Studies. Back in China, Minchao worked as a software engineer, but he wanted to deepen his knowledge of environmental studies, and chose Lund for its high ranking. Yuan, on the other hand, had missed the application deadline, but luckily Lund University still had places left, so she opted for that route. Interestingly, after their first meeting in the housing queue, Minchao and Yuan only ran into each other sporadically.

In the spring of 2010, Yuan was invited to join a friend and some other Chinese students for a trip to Italy. And one of the other travellers turned out to be none other than Minchao. They had the most wonderful holiday, interest was sparked, but neither of them dared to tell the other about their growing feelings.

Cleaning with joy and care
Once home in Sweden, they made excuses to meet. For instance, Yuan was moving into a new apartment and she asked Minchao to help her with the cleaning. The lucky lady was graced with his help as he cleaned with joy and care, for hours and hours, just so he could stay a little bit longer in Yuan’s company.

As they became closer and closer friends, they decided to travel to Oslo, Norway together. They left as friends… and came back as a couple.

Yuan finished her Master’s degree in January 2011, and then she had to go back to China. Minchao was to follow five months later. They kept in contact via Skype and MSN, and were looking forward to meeting again soon. However, when the five months’ long wait came to an end, Yuan got a call from Minchao. He had been offered a temporary position at the Department of Ecosystem Analysis in Lund, which he simply could not refuse. Career-wise it was a good thing, but at the same time heartbreaking. After a while, the heartache was getting too strong to bear so Minchao decided to leave his position and return to China.

The proposal
But Lund could not be without him and only a few months later Minchao was offered a PhD position at the same department. He was thrilled, but also scared of losing Yuan. So he took the chance and asked Yuan to marry him! He wanted to bring her back to Sweden as his wife. Of course Yuan said YES!

They got married in China, and had a small and beautiful wedding. Instead of having a big wedding reception, they travelled around China to visit friends, having small celebration dinners and saying goodbye to them. In March 2012, they returned to their beloved Lund as a married couple.

Fresh start to new beginnings
Although they caught the love bug in Lund, Minchao and Yuan also speak highly of the education they received at Lund University. They both agree that the Swedish education system was easy to get used to and they have both recommended Lund to friends. Minchao fondly remembers the first time he stepped off the train at the central station in Lund. He smiles dreamily and says that his first impression was noticing how clear and fresh the air was. He had never experienced anything like it. What a fresh start to a new beginning!

New family member
This love story is very appropriate now that it is Valentine’s Day. Yet these lovebirds had no idea that the day was coming up, since they have so many other things on their minds at the moment. Minchao is working hard on his PhD, and Yuan is currently learning Swedish and preparing for law studies. In addition, and more importantly, a new member of the family will arrive in May, since Yuan is expecting a baby. The young couple are glowing as they talk about their love story. One can clearly tell that they don’t need a special day to celebrate – every day is like Valentine’s Day to them.