Lund University students into round 2 of Airbus competition

15 February 2013

Airbus, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, is arranging the Fly your Ideas competition for students around the globe. The aim is to prepare for the global needs of a more connected, more sustainable world and develop ideas for the eco-efficient aviation industry of the future.

The three international students from Lund, Olivér Lorán, Leonhard Späth and Luisa Teixeira sent in an idea that managed to eliminate 498 other teams (102 remaining) and has now got them into the second round of the competition.

Olivér and Leonard study at the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies. Olivér has a specific interest in aviation, particularly aviation biofuels, which is related to his thesis topic, where he is looking into biofuel governance within aviation. Leonhard is interested in biofuels as a key to reducing GHG emissions in order to foster more sustainable long-range mobility. For this competition they came up with an idea to try to locate and assess marginal land for aviation biofuel feedstock production; land that would not be suitable for food production. To succeed with the task, the team needs to develop an algorithm that can use satellite data to calculate which land seems promising. It is most likely to be desert areas and dry land. But it will take some time of course to go through data and collect information.

“We’re really excited and happy that our project was chosen, because Airbus is actively involved in the second round, helping us with a mentor and an expert. This is a great opportunity for us to work with experts from the field and at the same time to engage in a research topic that may lead to concrete sustainable solutions for Airbus”, says Olivér Lorán.

In the final round, five teams will be selected to present their contributions before a panel of experts from Airbus and other industry representatives. The winner will be announced on 13 June in Paris. First prize is EUR 30 000 and the opportunity to receive a visit from an Airbus expert to the team’s university or college.

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