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Industrial Design

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Design means more than assigning superficial qualities to things. Industrial design deals with the conception, development and design of industrially manufactured objects.

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Andersson, Karl-Axel , visiting senior lecturer +4646-222 85 21
Cederblad, Marie
Christoforidou, Despina , Ph D candidate, project co-ordinator +4646-222 89 12
Eckhardt, Claus-Christian , professor +4646-222 85 19
Eneberg, Magnus , Lic. of philosophy , PhD candidate
Hermansson, Rose-Marie +4646-222 80 77
Hopf, Andreas , BSc , Lecturer +4646-222 80 51
Kolte, Olof , associate professor +4646-222 96 31
Lidgard, Carl +4646-222 77 90
Liljeqvist, Per , senior lecturer +4646-222 34 42
Mohd Rajili, Adila , PhD student +4646-222 80 55
Olander, Elin , Assistant professor +4622-236 33
Persson, Anna , Assistant lecturer
Singh, Jasjit , Professor +4646-222 77 90
Sjödell, Charlotte , Assistant professor +4646-222 39 38
Sörensen, Charlotte
Warell, Anders , Ass professor +4646-222 82 23

Subject area
Industrial design is about creating services and products, mainly for mass production. It serves peoples´needs and desires and improves their enviroment. The subject includes the entire design process - from vision to final product. It is the core of the undergraduate programme of industrial design where design is studied on a theoretical basis as well as through practical projects. Industrial design is a fast moving business which is becoming more and more complex. That makes it a highly differentiated profession. Apart from aesthetic and technical skills, today’s industrial designer must be highly communicative in order to interact with the wide variety of people involved in the product development process. The complexity of the profession is reflected in industrial design research that approaches various other subjects in and outside the design sciences.

Industrial design research aims at developing scientifically based knowledge, tools, methods and processes for use in the professional work of the industrial designer. Further, industrial design research shall give a deepened insight in the holistic creation of products from a life cycle perspective, as well as into the relation between people and products´ functional and emotional qualities. Consumer products are important research applications. Other fields of research are design management, innovation management, trend forecasting and analysis as well as industrial design history.

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