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Human Ecology is the study of human-environmental relations in different cultural contexts. Case studies and theoretical perspectives are derived primarily from anthropology, geography, sociology, history, and ecological economics. An intention is to understand human-environmental relations in modern, Western society as a cultural phenomenon and as a global problem of power and distribution. The education in Human Ecology discusses cultural and political aspects of sustainability. It provides a comprehensive and theoretically profound understanding of the interaction between humans and the rest of nature in different periods and different parts of the world.

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Name Extension
Andrén, Sabina , MA , PhD candidate +4670-340 51 37
Bogadottir, Ragnheidur , PhD candidate +4622-284 20
Burman, Anders , Ph D , Associate Senior Lecturer
Dorninger, Christian , Visiting Consultant
Eriksen, Love , Ph.D. , Ph.D.
Gooch, Pernille , PhD , senior lecturer +4646-222 30 24
Hermele, Kenneth , PhD , PhD
Hornborg, Alf , professor +4646-222 31 13
Händén-Svensson, Sanna , MSc , PhD student +4646-222 84 20
Kalinichenko, Iana Master of Science +4646-222 84 17
Kollnig, Sarah , PhD student
Langlais, Richard , PhD , senior lecturer
Malm, Andreas , MSc , PhD-candidate
Malm, Thomas , PhD, reader , Professor +4646-222 04 17
Oulu, Martin , PhD candidate +4646-222 84 20
Pierce, Gregory , PhD-candidate
Warlenius, Rikard , Master's degree , PhD candidate

Subject area
Human Ecology aspires to combine the insights of the human sciences concerning cultural, political, and economic aspects of human-environmental relations, on the one hand, with the knowledge of natural sciences regarding their biophysical aspects, on the other. To understand problems of sustainability, we require knowledge about the cultural incentives behind human behavior as well as its material consequences. A holistic understanding thus demands trans-disciplinary studies of total socio-ecological systems. Societal factors of particular interest for Human Ecology include patterns of consumption, conceptions of nature, principles of economic exchange and distribution, and technological production systems. Biophysical factors of particular interest include human access to energy, land, and water as well as anthropogenic degradation of the productive capacity of ecosystems. Common to the various research projects in Human Ecology is the study of the recursive interaction between societal and biophysical factors.

Current research projects at the Human Ecology Division include studies of cultural and ecological processes in prehistoric Amazonia, the relation between agricultural intensification and societal development in Africa and the Andes, ecologically unequal exchange and environmental load displacement in Latin America, sustainable development of pastoralism in the Himalayas, the global political economy of carbon dioxide emissions through history, and concepts of urban sustainability.

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