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Department of Experimental Medical Science

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Box 117, 221 00 Lund
SE-221 84 Lund
+4646-222 00 00 (oper)
Direct phone: 22+extension
Internal mail: hämtställe 66, BMC I13
Visiting address: Sölvegatan 19, BMC

Name Extension
Andersson, Johan , PhD , lecturer +4646-222 77 78
Carlstedt, Ingemar , MD, Ph D , Professor +4646-222 46 39
Lundquist, Ingmar , Med Dr , Professor Emeritus

Directory Administrator: Lisette Eklund ,
Directory Administrator: Anna Appelberg ,
Webbansvarig: Anna Appelberg ,
Procurement coordinator: Katarina Danielson ,
Inst ansvarig Klara: Lisette Eklund ,
Inst ansvarig Klara: Katarina E Johansson ,
Head of Department: Eva Ekblad ,

Department Office of Experimental Medical Science, Lund
Lung Biology
Neural Interfaces
Clinical Virology, Malmo
Neuroendocrine Cell Biology
Nanomedicine and Biomaterials
Associative Learning
Insulin Signal Transduction
Muscle Biology
Neural basis of sensorimotor control
Molecular Endocrinology
Matrix Biology
Basal Ganglia
Brain Repair and Imaging in Neural Systems (BRAINS)
Vessel Wall Biology
CNS Gene Therapy
Appetite Regulation
Vascular Physiology
Biogenic Amines
Airway Inflammation and Immunology
Neuronal Survival
Drug Target Discovery
Invertebrate Developmental Biology, Stefan Baumgartner's group
Invertebrate Developmental Biology, Udo Haecker's group
Åke Oldberg´s group
Technical Platforms
Translational Neuroendocrinology
Antigen Presentation
Reproductive Immunology
Protein Phosphorylation
Adaptive Immunity
Mucosal Immunology
Developmental Hematopoiesis
Stem Cell Epigenetics
Cellular Biomechanics
Respiratory Immunopharmacology
Neuronano Research Center (NRC)
Bioimplant Research
Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology
Molecular Neurogenetics
Medical Structural Biology
Biomarkörer vid hjärnsjukdomar
Leukocyt migration
Neural plasticitet och reparation
Medical Protein Science
Eosinophil Biology
Experimental Dementia Research
Neurodegeneration and Inflammation Genetics
Chemical Biology & Therapeutics
Protein Bioinformatics
Molecular Neuromodulation Unit
Structural Matrix Biology
Neuro-inflammation Genetics
Molecular Vascular Physiology
Host-Pathogen Interactions
Stem Cell Laboratory for CNS Disease Modeling
Intergrative Neurophysiology
Molecular Nutrition
Glucose Transport and Protein Trafficking
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