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Listening Lund. The Sound Environment Centre at Lund University

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The Sound Environment Center at Lund university in Sweden was inaugerated by the vice chancellor in 2005 and has since then acted as a center for studies of sound environment issues and auditive culture from interdisciplinary perspectives. Issues of sound enviroments are often complex ones and touches upon many different academic disciplines outside acoustics, audiology or musicology. They might also be involving for example ethics, law, psychology, ergonomics or linguistics. The activites proposed by the center involves coordination, initiation and stimulating interdisciplinary research projects and developing contacts with both research community and society as well as information and planning of symposiums and seminars. The center has a solid ground in theory and method stemming from the competences in specific disciplines such as acoustics, environmental medicine, audiology, landscapeplanning, lingquistics, musicology and psychology. The cross disciplinary design of the center fascilitates cooperation and wider perspectives of research.

Box 117
SE-221 00 Lund
+4646-222 00 00 (oper)
Direct phone: 22+extension
Internal mail: hämtställe 59
Telephone: 046-2228509+2220946
Telefax: +4646-222 42 04
Visiting address: Avd. för musikvetenskap, Biskopsgatan 5, Lund

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