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The primary function of the Division of Finances is to give operations at Lund University support for a rational economic administration and to supply high quality economic information for decision-making both within and outside the University. This means that the Division of Finances is responsible for: the accountancy system of the University and its economic model supporting departments in their daily economic management quality control within accounting co-ordinating the closing procedures reports to the authorities economic summaries needed for decision-making and analysis training and information in matters of economic administration The Division of Finances is also responsible for cash and loan management and the administration of the trustfunds of the University. Division of Finances also assists the University in procurement issues with the purpose of creating an environment for effective and rational acquisitions. The Purchase and Procurement Group also manages connections for e-invoicing and e-procurements in our system for electronic invoice flow and purchases, operating through a web portal.

Box 117
SE-221 00 Lund
+4646-222 00 00 (oper)
Direct phone: 22+extension
Internal mail: hämtställe 31
Telephone: +4646-222 00 00
Telefax: +4646-222 45 37
Visiting address: Paradisgatan 5 c, 223 50 Lund

Name Extension
Bröndum, Lise , Director of Finance +4646-222 71 24

Lucat Administrator: Dag Bengtsson ,
Directory Administrator: Dag Bengtsson ,
Directory Administrator: Bjarne Hagensby ,
eken: Dag Bengtsson ,
eken: Ann-Charlotte Olsson ,
eken: Lise Bröndum ,
Procurement coordinator: Agneta Sjöfors ,
Directory Administrator: Olof Jernryd ,
Eken: Bjarne Hagensby ,

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