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Malmö Art Academy offers well adapted premises in a school building from the turn of the century situated in the centre of Malmö. Every student has access to a studio of her/his own, right from the first year of studies. The school has workshops in all relevant techniques. Malmö Art Academy has no separate departments. Students organise their own curriculum, choosing from a wide range of technique, art projects and art theory, much of which is taught by international artists, who are also individual tutors for the students. The international profile, which is an important feature of the Academy, is accentuated by our proximity to Denmark and the Continent. Exchanges with students and teachers from other academies are crucial for Malmö Art Academy. The fine arts education given also benefits from the rich artistic activity in this region with its art galleries, museums and other institutions. Guest lectures by visiting artists and critics and various forms of collaborative projects are a natural part of the life of the Academy. A present-day education in the fine arts may interplay with cultural, artistic and scientific tendencies in the history and theory of art, architecture, philosophy, sociology, psychology and many other subjects. It is accordingly a great asset for the Academy to be a part of Lund University. Starting Autumn Semester 2007 the education will be divided in a three-year Bachelor programme and a two-year Master program. The bachelor programme begins with an introductory block of subjects dealing primarily with different techniques and basic art theory. The successful completion of these courses, together with the students’ own artistic work, results in 180 ECTS credits for the whole Bachelor programme. The Academy accepts twelve new students on the Bachelor programme each academic year. Selection is based on an appraisal of examples of artistic work and on the result of an interview. Holders of a Bachelor degree in fine arts, or similar, can apply for the 2 year Master Programme, 120 ECTS credits. It is possible to choose between two directions. Either the more studio based programme in Fine Arts or the non studio based Critical Studies programme which aim is to break down the barriers between art theory and practice. It brings together a small group of post-graduate students from diverse backgrounds chiefly as artists, writers, critics and curators. There is also a possibility to study at Malmö Art Academy on the Doctorate Programme in Art. A Doctorate position is a full-time position for a maximum period of 4 years. The number of Doctorate positions is very limited. For more information, please visit our website.

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Barba, Rosa , PhD student
Bergquist, Madeleine +4640-32 57 22
Broström, Olof , Master of Fine Arts , Photo Technician +4640-32 57 04
Buckingham, Matthew , PhD candidate 347342-6387
Edström, Margot , Junior Lecturer +4640-32 57 09
Eriksson, Mats , PhD candidate
Hasager, Maj , Junior Lecturer
Hatfield, Laura , Programme Administrator
Hed, Silvana , Director +4640-32 57 07
Hedlund, Maria , Teacher +4640-32 57 10
Kimbré, Kristian +4640-32 57 04
Koester, Joachim , Professor +4640-32 57 15
Kopp, Viktor , Junior Lecturer
Leiderstam, Matts , PhD , Professor
Ljungblom, Sophie , Video Technician +4640-32 57 24
Maharaj, Sarat , Professor
Marklund, Charlotte , Administrator +4640-32 57 01
Melikian, Nathalie
Nyqvist, Håkan , Technican +4640-32 57 03
Penalva, Joao , external tutor
Persson, Per Olof , Teacher +4640-32 57 11
Ray, Andrea , PhD student
Sandqvist, Gertrud , Professor, theory +4640-32 57 06
Sima, Joakim , Computer Technician +4640-32 57 26
Sustersic, Apolonija , MA , PhD candidate
Wardill, Emily , Professor
Yang, Haegue , Professor +4640-32 57 16
von Osten, Marion , PhD student
Österberg, Charlotta , Economist +4640-32 57 02

The four-year postgraduate programme in Fine Art is the first of its kind in Sweden. The programme is directed towards the visual arts, music and theatre. This postgraduate programme builds on artistic knowledge and work. The main emphasis of the study is on independent artistic development. The artistic work is the object as well as the method. The studies with a reflective or theoretical content are not an end in themselves but rather a means to artistic development. The purpose of the programme is to give the postgraduate student the opportunity to - develop knowledge of specific artistic issues and also gain the capacity to communicate them, - achieve a deepened artistic maturity, - achieve a deepened awareness in his or her personal artistic activities and a deepened capacity to speak and write about them, - achieve a deepened capacity to be active in the cultural life in a national and international perspective. A qualified applicant to the artistic postgraduate programme is a person who has - taken an artistic first degree of at least 160 credits or has the equivalent qualifications - artistic skilfulness in relation to his or her main artistic direction or has a relevant connection to artistic activity presented a plan and purpose for an artistic development work and has had it evaluated and approved by a jury. When appropriate also application samples etc. - carried out an independent work of such a kind that the applicant’ suitability for this part of the programme can be assessed. Together with among others Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts, Slade School of Art in London, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Utrecht School of the Arts, and National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Malmö Art Academy take part in EARN, a network for doctoral studies.

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