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Title Prostitution in contemporary China - the case of Shanghai Jiading
Author/s Niklas Dougherty
Department/s Chinese Studies
Full-text Available as PDF
Publishing year 2006
Abstract English Sex trade in China resurfaced with the economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping in 1978, and has since evolved to an industry of gigantic scale. This paper analyzes the prostitution in China in a social, economic, political, and historical context, with a special emphasis on Shanghai. The problem posed is how to strike a balance between the positive and negative effects of prostitution. The solution proposed in the final analysis aims at achieving this golden mean.
Subject Law and Political Science
Languages and Literatures
Keywords Chinese, Kinesiska och språk från Syd- och Sydostasien, Languages of South and South-East Asia, harm reduction, decriminalization, legalization, traditionalism, economic disparity, ekonomiska reformer, economic reforms, aids, prostitution, Jiading, Shanghai, Kina, China, Civil and criminal procedure, Processrätt, Social problems and welfare, national insurance, Sociala problem, social välfärd, socialförsäkring
Document type Master's Degree (One Year)
Language English
Supervisor Lars Ragvald


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