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Title Exploring Usability Guidelines for Rich Internet Applications
Author/s Linus PĂ„hlstorp, Lukas Gwardak
Department/s Department of Informatics
Full-text Available as PDF
Publishing year 2007
Abstract English Usability guidelines are commonly considered a useful tool for developers to enhance the usability of interactive systems. They represent distilled knowledge from many disciplines related to usability and provide developers with solutions and best practices to achieve usability goals. However, the newly developing field of highly interactive web applications (Rich Internet Applications) still lacks appropriate usability guidelines. This work takes desktop usability guidelines and web usability guidelines as a basis to create an outline of Rich Internet Application usability guidelines. Three professional developers are being interviewed in order to get an insight into their work with guidelines and get their ideas of how possible Rich Internet Application guidelines should be structured.
Subject Mathematics and Statistics
Keywords Guidelines, usability, Web 2.0, accessibility, user interface, web design, Rich Internet Applications, Informatics, systems theory, Informatik, systemteori
Document type Master's Degree (One Year)
Language English
Supervisor Konrad Tollmar


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