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Title Att skydda sig mot onda ögat -fallossymbolen och andra beskyddande symboler under antiken.
Author/s Ruby Videla
Department/s Classical archaeology and ancient history
Full-text Available as PDF
Publishing year 2008
Abstract English As long as envy and the will of harming others for what they possess have existed, the evil

eye has been a present belief system in many cultures around the world. This study, based on

archaeological evidence and texts by ancient writers that reflect this ancient superstition,

explores how the evil eye was being averted and practiced by ancient cultures. What measures

were taken to ward off the evil eye? How have these measures been represented in the

material culture? What can we learn from the context of the material culture involving the evil

eye? Discussions and theories of protective measures that have been depicted on the walls of

the roman city of Pompeii will hopefully give a wider comprehension of the evil eye, and its influence on Roman society.
Subject History and Archaeology
Keywords Humanities, Humaniora, phallus, Evil eye, roman culture
Document type 1st term paper (old degree order)
Language Swedish
Supervisor Dominic Ingemark

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