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Title The Concept of Sue and Labour in Marine Insurance Law
Author/s Amir Tayari
Department/s Department of Law
Full-text Available as PDF
Publishing year 2013
Abstract English The concept of sue and labour had existed in marine insurance from almost 400 years ago. Although this concept is a venerable concept but it is still alive and flourishing in the field of marine insurance law.
The principles of sue and labour embodied in the statute and contemporary forms of marine insurance policies and according to these principles the assured must take reasonable measures to avert or minimise a loss that is recoverable under his policy, and consequently the assured has the right to collect the reasonable expenses that he incurred for taking those steps from the underwriters. This thesis is an inquiry about different aspects of the concept of sue and labour in marine insurance law. The sources for such inquiry include statute, common marine insurance policies, court and other authorities decisions related to the subject and common practice in the realm of marine insurance industry.
Subject Law and Political Science
Keywords Marine Insurance Law, Law, Sue and Labour, Marine Insurance Policy, Aversion and Minimization of Loss, Cessation of Sue and Labour
Document type Master's Degree (Two Years)
Language English
Supervisor Abhinayan Basu Bal

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