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International Researchers & Scholars Office

International Researchers & Scholars Office (IRSO) provides help and support for visiting researchers and new international staff. This includes advice on practical matters such as the different Swedish authorities, banks, housing, schooling, networking and preparing to move to Lund.

Post-doctoral Association

The Lund University Post-Doctoral Association aims to help newly arrived post-doctoral fellows settle in at Lund - both in their work and outside of work.

Research Services

Research Services ("Forskningsservice") give support to researchers during the grant process, including advice and information on funding opportunities. The service has staff who are specialised in funding from the European Framework Programmes, and who also work with other external funding sources.  

LU Innovation System (LUIS) - commercialising your research

The Lund University Innovation System (LUIS) is Lund University's technology transfer office where researchers can obtain help and support to help commercialise research. The service acts as the first contact within the University for researchers and provides confidential and free advice. Together we try and develop your idea and discuss what options are available according to your wishes and needs. We can help with include business consulting, patents, law and finance. There are many opportunities but also some pitfalls. We have made the trip many times and are here to help you when it's your turn. 

Innovationskontor Syd - increasing the knowledge transfer between academia and society

Innovationskontor Syd (IKS) is a collaboration between five academic institutions in the southern region of Sweden including Lund University. The purpose is to stimulate, simplify and efficiently utilise research and knowledge from these institutions, thus spreading the benefits to society. IKS offers support such as patent and legal guidance as well as guidance to researchers, students, entrepreneurs, industry actors and investors to navigate the innovation system. 


International Researchers and Scholars Office (IRSO) Sigurborg Ragnarsdottir
Tel: 046-222 71 51
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Post-doctoral Association
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Research Services
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LU Innovation System (LUIS)
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Innovationskontor Syd (IKS)
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