Academic traditions

Lund University has two major annual academic ceremonies: the doctoral degree conferment in May and the inauguration of new professors every autumn and spring. Another important tradition is the inauguration of the vice-chancellor.

An inauguration ceremony for new professors at the Main University Building

Doctoral degree conferment ceremony 27–28 May 2021

The deans at Lund University have jointly decided that the 2021 doctoral degree conferment ceremony will take place over two days. It will begin on Thursday 27 May and end on Friday 28 May. All doctoral graduands who should have been part of the degree conferment ceremony in May 2020 will be offered the opportunity to participate in May 2021 together with the new cohort.

The doctoral degree ceremony will begin on Thursday 27 May, with the new doctoral graduands, honorary doctors and jubilee doctors at the Faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Fine and Performing Arts in Malmö.

On Friday 28 May, the ceremony will involve the new doctoral graduands, honorary doctors and jubilee doctors at the faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics and Science.

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony will conclude with a celebratory dinner for all doctoral graduates on Friday 28 May.

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony will be designed to comply with the current restrictions and recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Invitations will be sent to all those who have successfully defended their doctoral theses, or are scheduled to do so, since the last ceremony. The invitations will be sent by post in early March to the addresses registered in Ladok. All doctoral students who were invited to take part in the cancelled 2020 ceremony will receive a new invitation in March 2021.

Inauguration of new vice chancellor

The vice chancellor is appointed by the Swedish Government for a maximum of six years, following a recommendation by the University Board. Every sixth year the new vice chancellor is inaugurated on St Charles’ day, 28 January.

Inauguration of new professors

In Lund, the inauguration of new professors is a public ceremony presided by the vice-chancellor. At least one such ceremony is held each semester, in which the new professors who wish to take part are solemnly inaugurated into their new posts. The Swedish term for the ceremony, 'installation', comes from the ritual of introducing a newly appointed canon (cathedral clergyman) to his place in the choir (stallum, in Latin). Similarly, the University’s vice chancellor has symbolically inaugurated new professors by solemnly leading them in procession to the podium in the University auditorium.

One of the new professors holds a brief popular science lecture on the occasion of the inauguration. The chair of Lund University Students’ Unions makes a speech to the newly inaugurated professors, to which one among them responds.

Doctoral degree conferment ceremony

The doctoral conferment ceremony is the major academic event of the year at Lund University. Ceremonies have been held since the late 1600s, with the ceremony taking place at the end of May/early June. Traditionally, the University's nine faculties together organise the doctoral degree ceremony. At the ceremony, the University bestows its highest honour on those who have completed a doctoral degree and defended their thesis.

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Upcoming events


  • 16 October: Inauguration of new professors (cancelled)


  • 1 May: Students' May Day speech to the vice chancellor
  • 27–28 May: Doctoral degree conferment ceremony 
  • 15 October: Inauguration of new professors


  • 1 May: Students' May Day speech to the vice chancellor
  • 3 June: Doctoral degree conferment ceremony
  • 14 October: Inauguration of new professors