Lund University 350 years


Lund University celebrated its 350th anniversary from 19 December 2016 until 28 January 2018. As the University was established on 19 December 1666 but not officially inaugurated until 28 January 1668, the jubilee lasted for 13 months instead of one year.

During the 13-month jubilee, the University offered nearly 400 events that involved the general public, students, employees, researchers and collaborators.

The celebrations received much media attention and the awareness of the jubilee was high locally as well as in the rest of Sweden. One in five Swedes and more than 50% of the locals were aware that Lund University was celebrating its 350th jubilee.

An eventful jubilee year

During the jubilee year, five well-visited science weeks were organised. These science themed weeks highlighted some of the most important challenges of our time. Two weeks were dedicated to art and music: Live at Lundagård and Art in Time and Space. 

We also organised a year-round jubilee course with 36 open lectures at the different faculties as well as the first-ever Alumni Homecoming Weekend and a magnificent party for students and staff at the University.

Other events included a jubilee medal auction, an exceptional super show, the unveiling of a jubilee sculpture in Lundagård and much more.

The jubilee magazine: Lund University’s 350th Anniversary – a look back at the 13-month year

We look back at the jubilee’s highlights in our jubilee magazine that you can download below. 

Jubilee magazine: Lund University’s 350th Anniversary (PDF 2.7 MB, opens in new window)

Recorded lectures 

Several of the science week and jubilee course lectures were recorded and can be found on our YouTube channel. 

Watch lectures recorded during the jubilee on our YouTube channel

Jubilee programmes

If you would like to get access to the full jubilee programme or the science and culture weeks programmes, please contact Carina Jensen, Project Manager:

Carina Jensen, carina [dot] jensen [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se, +46 46 222 03 35

The University’s history

Find out more about the University’s history.

Read a brief history of Lund University

Jubilee products

Several jubilee products were launched during the jubilee, among which were a book about our history, trays, scarfs and an umbrella. You can still buy these in the LU Shop.

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