The University’s handling of the coronavirus

Lund University is following the Swedish Government's and Public Health Authority’s recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). In order to ensure a safe study and working environment for students and employees, the University is making decisions on a continuous basis, based on current recommendations from the responsible authorities.

Information for students, staff and external parties

Staff and current students at Lund University are receiving regular updates about new LU management decisions, government recommendations and links to relevant authorities' websites through this international website, the Lund University Staff Pages and their Swedish counterparts. Current students and partner universities are also receiving updates through emails from the University.

New decision by the vice-chancellor – 18 January 2021

The tightened restrictions remain effective until further notice

On 21 January 2021, the government decided to extend the current restrictions for the whole country until 7 February 2021.

The vice-chancellor's decision from 18 January follows these restrictions and remains effective until further notice, to give the University the opportunity to plan its activities.

When it comes to study spaces and computer rooms, they are to be left accessible only to a limited extent and for students who need such a space during the period until 31 March 2021.

See the new decision on the Lund University Staff Pages

Lund University's decisions regarding the coronavirus 

The University has decided

for education:

  • that teaching and assessment of students’ performance (examination) is to be conducted digitally without physical attendance on the University’s premises. Only teaching and assessment that are impossible to conduct remotely, or possible only with great difficulty, may be carried out with physical attendance on the University's premises following a decision by the dean. In such activities, this decision and the Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations to reduce the spread of Covid-19 are to be observed. Such activities are to be preceded by a risk assessment concerning the risk of spreading infection. The vice-chancellor tasks the dean of each faculty with deciding in detail how this is to be carried out. This decision cannot be delegated further. 
  • to permit changes in approved course and programme syllabi regarding the spring semester of 2021 concerning the forms of assessment of the students’ performance and for teaching to be conducted using digital solutions to the extent that is necessary for compliance with this decision. The decision on changes is made by the officer who made the decision on the course or programme syllabus in question.

    The decision is to be documented and the reason for the change is to be stated. There is to be consultation with the student union concerned. 
  • to carry out education components abroad only to the extent that these are deemed possible to conduct safely based on any travel restrictions and avoiding the spread of Covid-19, and while taking into consideration the receiving country’s and the host institution’s rules, regulations and recommendations. 
  • to receive students from other countries for education at Lund University only to the extent possible while taking into consideration any travel restrictions and avoiding the spread of Covid-19, and the rules, regulations and recommendations of the students’ home countries.
  • that students are encouraged to study from home by default. Study spaces and computer rooms are to be left accessible only to a limited extent during the period until 31 March 2021 and for students who need such a space, e.g. for information retrieval, use of reference materials, access to distance learning and examination equipment. Other spaces intended for students, such as group rooms, lunch rooms, coffee rooms etc. must remain closed during this period. For libraries, see below under the heading Other.

for employees:

  • that employees who do not need to be at the workplace to maintain necessary activities are to work from home. The line manager assesses the possibility for such work when taking activities and the work environment into account.
  • that meetings, conferences or other gatherings are to be conducted digitally. In exceptional cases where physical gatherings must be held, the rules and recommendations of the Public Health Agency to reduce the spread of infection are to be observed. Physical meetings, conferences or other gatherings are never to be organised with more participants than necessary. This applies to all activities at the University, i.e. education, research, external engagement and administration. It applies to gatherings of the University’s employees and students as well as invited guests. 
  • to only grant permission for domestic business trips which the line manager has deemed necessary and possible to undertake in a way that avoids spreading Covid-19. The Public Health Agency’s rules and recommendations are to be observed for such trips. 
  • to only grant permission for business trips abroad which the line manager has deemed necessary and possible to undertake in a way that avoids spreading Covid-19 and take into consideration any travel restrictions. In cases where the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against personal travel, this advice is also to be observed for business trips abroad as far as this is deemed possible.  
  • to receive visits, including suppliers and craftsmen, only to the extent that it is deemed absolutely necessary and possible to conduct by the operational manager while avoiding the spread of Covid-19. In the case of international visits, consideration must be given to any travel restrictions as well as the rules and recommendations of the visitors’ home countries. 


  • activities aimed at the general public, for example museums, are to be closed to the public.
  • libraries are to be kept open with limited hours for the University's employees and students to the extent necessary to allow deposits or lending of books and access to reference literature. 
  • activities involving receptions or equivalent are to be kept open only to the extent necessary to maintain legal requirements or other necessary activities.

See the official decisions on the Lund University Staff Pages

As a starting point, for all activities there is to be an assessment of the risk of spreading infection and adequate measures are to be taken to avoid the risk of spreading infection. 

In cases where studies or work are negatively impacted by the decision above, you are to contact your line manager or programme director so that work and studies can be conducted in the best possible way.

Last updated 18 January 2021