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Summer Academy for Young Professionals

The Summer Academy for Young Professionals is carried out by Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE) on behalf of the Swedish Institute.

Participants from the summer academy of young professional engaging in a group discussion

Public Administration and Management – Transparency and Public Sector Reform

The course provides the participants with an insight into public administration, anti-corruption and transparency issues in Sweden and in the EU. Contemporary and historical perspectives, as well as legal aspects relevant to this field will be presented and discussed.

A central part of the course is the handling of these issues in management and evaluation of public administration. Therefore, issues of scrutiny, accountability, agency autonomy, and public sector reform are highlighted.

The course is held at Lund University during a two-week period and includes a mixture of lectures, workshops, seminars and study visits. The target group for the course is mainly young professionals within public administration, but also key persons within civil society.

The course is open for persons from Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Sweden and Ukraine.

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Contact information

Malin Pahlmblad

Lund University Commissioned Education

malin [dot] pahlmblad [at] education [dot] lu [dot] se

Application and information

All applications should go through the Swedish Institute, please follow this link for further instructions:

Information about SAYP on the Swedish Institute website