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Testimonials about the course Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship

A tailor-made course from Lund University Commissioned Education

Urszula Kowalska, teacher, from Poland

Has this course helped strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit?

"Yes. Before taking the course, I didn’t think of becoming an entrepreneur at all. But now I truly believe that it is possible to develop something – perhaps to open a translation office. We have actually discussed in our project group here in Lund that we should apply for some grants to make our idea that we have developed here a reality. I think it’s just the beginning of some kind of cooperation between us. We are hoping that there are some grants that we can apply for and will start working on this right after coming back to Poland."

Will you be able to use concepts from the course in Lund if you start this project at home?

"Yes, the business model, the marketing and how to understand who the customer is, what the customer’s needs are – everything. For me the most challenging thing is the budget, benefits, the profits… but I think that the presentations from the course have shown me how to organise this."

Will you be able to apply knowledge gained from this course in your professional life?

"Besides perhaps continuing working on the project, I think I will be able to transfer some of this knowledge to my students – maybe Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship could be useful for them! They are also engaged in foreign languages, and within the field of translation and in some tourist agencies such skills are needed."

Were there any sessions during the course that were especially important for you?

"I enjoyed the sessions on financial issues and resource acquisitions, and also the study visits. I was very impressed with the work done by Connectors Malmö. To start such an organisation in Poland could be an idea as well – social innovation and activism, improving our cities and streets. We are doing such things in Poland too, but they are not organised. I hope I can contact Connectors Malmö and do something together with them, and learn from them."

Łukasz Wójtowicz from Poland

What will you take back from this course and bring into your professional life in Poland?

"I think that this course gave me a lot of things, but for me the most important thing is the connections built between people. In Lund, I got to know many interesting post docs from different fields of science, and from different backgrounds. Hopefully, in the future, I can cooperate with them, as well as with you at Lund University."

Will you and your colleagues try to continue working on your business idea?

"Yes, we have talked about this, about our project. This last day, with the dragon’s nest, was good because we didn’t think we would get a second place in the competition. This is something to take advantage of – to think more about this project and to start something up in Poland, so we will do something!"

What was it like to work in a group with people from different disciplines?

"This is the hard question, because all of us are like wild animals, and every one of us is a specialist in his or her own field of science. The first few minutes, I think it was hard to cooperate. We had to set some rules on how to collaborate and at that point, the soft skills were very essential. We established a plan on how to go about the project and what we were going to do. Then we divided the work, to be honest, in a really good way.  Every one of us was happy and all of us were doing something that we are good at. I think it was great!"

What do you think the biggest difference between Poland and Sweden is in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship?

"This is a tough question. I think there are some differences, but you don’t see them in the beginning.  After a while, when you have been studying and talking to others, you see some differences between our nations. However, we are both in the EU, so we have the same rules and laws and ways to implement the innovations."

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