Your accommodation

Coronavirus-related information

Below you can find some general information about housing in relation to the coronavirus outbreak. Please address any questions about your accommodation situation to your landlord and/or consult their website for more specific information.

Living in a corridor or houseshare

If someone in your corridor or houseshare seems to be ill, be a good friend and ask if there is anything you can help him or her with. Perhaps he or she cannot shop for food or needs some other kind of assistance.

You are most welcome to contact your landlord with any questions or to seek advice. They are there to support you and your neighbours. If anyone in the corridor is being treated badly and it can't be sorted out amongst residents, you need to ask for help. If anything else happens in your corridor that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should contact your landlord.

If you are staying with LU Accommodation or AF Bostäder, you can contact the security office after office hours.

Security office LU Accommodation, +46 (0)46 222 0800
Security office AF Bostäder, +46 (0)46 307 426

Your housing contract

Contact your landlord if you want to cancel your housing contract. The notice period should be clearly stipulated in your contract*. If you have questions about the payment of your rent, or how to formally give notice, you can discuss this with your landlord. 

*Note that it has been decided that the notice period for housing contracts between LU Accommodation and its tenants is changed from two (2) full calendar months to one (1) full calendar month, as an exception for the spring term of 2020. All other terms and conditions still apply.

When moving out of an accommodation, you have to prepare your room for departure. That is, you have to remove all your personal belongings, clean your room and return the keys. Most tenants have paid a deposit when moving into their room. Once your room has passed the inspection, the deposit can be refunded.

If you are an incoming exchange student, you can consult your home university about insurance cover and how your Erasmus scholarship is affected.

At this point, no one knows what the situation around the world will be like in a few months from now. Arranging a prolongment of a housing contract for the summer is often possible, however. Contact your landlord and ask what the possibilities are. 

Staying in Sweden longer

If you, for some reason, will be staying in Sweden longer than planned, ask your landlord if you can prolong your housing contract. If you have to move out of your current accommodation, LU Accommodation or are two recourses to use when looking for a place to stay.

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