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The study environment in case of distance education

Coronavirus-related information
On 18 March, Lund University switched to distance education to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). This transition entails new conditions and challenges both for students and employees, not least in terms of the study and work environment.

As a student, you are in many ways equated with employees, in accordance with The Work Environment Act. This even applies when the University temporarily conducts teaching and assessment remotely. This means, among other things, that Lund University is still responsible for your study environment.

The following can be good for you to consider if you are a current student at Lund University:

  • The campus areas are still open and it is possible for you to enter and study in most premises with your LU access card. 
  • Always assess whether you need to be on campus or whether it is perhaps better to study from home instead, bearing in mind the risk of spread of infection.
  • Studying from home can involve both mental stress and physical strain. Try to plan your day in advance and attempt to stick to what you have decided to counteract this. 
  • Also make sure to take regular breaks and try to create the most optimal ergonomic conditions possible in terms of posture, sound and light for your studies. 
  • We all have the responsibility to help limit the spread of infection as much as possible, but at the same time most of us need social contact to feel – and keep feeling – well. For that reason, you should not forget to stay in touch with your loved ones and classmates who are in the same boat. 

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Stay updated

The situation changes rapidly and new decisions and guidelines may be announced at any time. Stay updated by regularly checking, the webpages for current students and your faculty's or department's webpages.

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