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Summer schools and research conferences for doctoral students

The LERU and U21 networks arrange summer schools and conferences for doctoral students. Current Lund University doctoral students (PhD students) apply through Lund University, which then nominates a limited number of candidates. Accepted students will partially be sponsored by Lund University.

LERU Doctoral Summer School

LERU Doctoral Summer School is organised annually and is hosted by one or more of the LERU members. The aim of the doctoral summer school is to provide doctoral students with professional and personal development opportunities. 

The theme of the summer school is of general professional development interest to doctoral students. By creating an international, intercultural and inter­disciplinary environment, the summer school provides a highly stimu­lating learning experience, which is of value to the participants’ future careers. 

The Summer school is to further strengthen ties within the network and to contribute to increasing the network’s reputation and influence in European policy setting in higher education. It is also a way to show that LERU universities are at the forefront of innovative practices in training new researchers.

LERU Doctoral Summer School 2022

Theme: Concepts of intervention science applied to global challenges
Dates: 4–8 July 2023
Host institution/venue: Heidelberg University
Application deadline: 21 March 2023

Two doctoral students from Lund University have been accepted to participate in the LERU Doctoral Summer School 2023.

LERU Doctoral Summer School will introduce the notion of ‘futuring’ the role universities may play in shaping the future, and what the university of the future might be like.

Furthermore, it will focus on the university as an ‘agent of change’: how does the university, as an institution but also as a site of knowledge production, affect the necessary transitions of the 21st century? Can universities help create a fair sustainability transition? Or are they implicated in (and do they help maintain) existing inequalities and issues? How could universities play a part in a fair and just transition? To do so, what needs to change?

Prior to the course, on 29 June in the afternoon, there will be an online training session on how to write a manifest. Course participants are required to attend. The participants will receive a reading list in early June. Participants are expected to read the compulsory part of the list (estimated at 100 to 200 pages).

In the LERU Doctoral Summer School 2022, participants will have lectures and discussions every day, with expert speakers and group discussions about the issues raised.

Timetable for the LERU Doctoral Summer School 2022 –

  • You must be registered as a doctoral candidate at Lund University.
  • You should be approximately halfway or at a later stage in your doctoral education.
  • You must be keenly motivated to work on the topic of the LERU Summer School as set out in the programme and description.
  • You must be able to participate in all activities in the programme.
  • You must be fluent in written and spoken English.

The application, in English, shall include:

  1. A statement of purpose of one A4 page. In the statement of purpose, you should motivate your interest in the topic of the summer school and give a description of what makes you a suitable representative for Lund University and the contribution you can make to the conference. It should also include the theme and title of your own research project.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the Head of Department
  3. A CV
  4. An excerpt from Ladok showing your admission date and accomplishments

The application deadline is Wednesday 22 March, 2022. Applications with the reference number STUD 2022/1025 are to be sent by email to registrator [at] lu [dot] se.

The selection criteria are:

  • the quality of the statement of purpose
  • your arguments for participation and their relevance to the theme of the conference, and
  • an overall judgement of your application, grades and CV.

The maximum number of participants in the summer school is 46.

Lund University conducts a selection procedure and nominates two or more (if relevant) candidates to LERU. The first-ranked candidate from each university is accepted without question.

After consideration of all applications, the host university of the Doctoral Summer School and the LERU Doctoral Studies Community steering group decide which candidates get the second places (and any further places, depending on availability). In this process, the aim is to achieve a balanced representation with regard to disciplines, gender and university affiliation, with due consideration of rank order and merit.

We ask that participants are well advanced in their doctoral project and are strongly motivated in rethinking the role of universities globally. Candidates must also be available for the entire duration of the Doctoral Summer School and must be prepared to take part in all activities.

More information about LERU and contact details

Research Services Office, Lund University
Senior Officer Cecilia Gagné, cecilia [dot] gagne [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

U21 summer activities for doctoral students

Summer activities for 2023 are to be announced.