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Tips for a good application

For current students applying for exchange

Choosing a university and putting together an application takes time. Generally, you apply for exchange studies at least six months and up to one year prior to the actual exchange.

Find courses and partner universities

The most difficult and time-consuming part of the application process is to find the right courses and draw up a study plan. See your faculty’s current calls for applications to find out what universities you can apply for.

You will need to independently become acquainted with a different study and university system. In some countries, the university system is national, like it is in Sweden, but in other countries there may be local differences. Be prepared to spend approximately 15–20 hours on preparing your application.

Once you have found a university and courses that you would like to study, you apply via your faculty. On your faculty's website, you will be able to find which universities are currently open for applications, and for which specialisations. The faculty will process your application and if they select you, you will be nominated for exchange studies.

See the faculties' contact information and their webpages on exchange

Plan your exchange studies

Initially, you are left to your own judgement when it comes to selecting suitable courses at an appropriate level. Base the decision on your wants and needs and, importantly, do not assume that the university of your choice has the same system as Lund University or your home university. For example, it may be the case that the third year at Lund University corresponds to the second or fourth year at a university abroad. 

Ask yourself the following relevant questions:

  • How many credits constitute full-time studies?
  • Are there any specific admission requirements?
  • Are there any restrictions when it comes to my choice of courses?

The course selection in your application is not final, as the full range of courses for the semester/year that you are applying for is often not available at the time of application. You will thus need to base your application on the courses that are available at that time. The range of courses usually does not change significantly from one semester or year to another, however.

If you are nominated, your course selection may change several times before you start your exchange period. The host university will ultimately determine what courses you will be admitted to.

Credit transfer

As an exchange student, you are still a student at Lund University, and it must be possible for your exchange studies to be accredited towards your degree. Learn more about credit transfer on the faculties' websites.

See the faculties' contact information and their webpages on exchange

Contact information

Contact your faculty

See the faculties' contact information

Contact the International Desk

Visit the International Desk webpage