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Summer courses abroad

Apply between 25 January and 8 February 2019 (preliminary dates)
As a student at Lund University, you have the opportunity to study abroad during the summer.

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Applying for summer courses abroad

The aim of summer courses is to give students the opportunity to experience what it it like to study in a country other than Sweden. For some summer courses, you do not need to pay tuition fees if you are a student at Lund University, whereas for others you do need to pay them yourself. When you apply, you should be aware of the costs associated with the exchange, such as travel costs, living expenses and visa costs. If you are nominated for a summer course, you can still be nominated for exchange studies.

The application period for summer 2019 is open between 25 January and 8 February (preliminary dates). 

Go to the online application

You will find the online application a bit further down on this page during the application period (which usually opens in January or February). You will also find application instructions, information on attachments, assessment of your application and notification of nomination.

Eligibility requirements

In order to be considered eligible you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must be registered as a full-time student at Lund University at the time of application
  • You must have earned at least 30 credits at the time of application, and 60 credits at the planned time of departure
  • You must have good language skills in the language of instruction

Summer courses

The links below connect you to a database where you can find more information on each of the summer courses. The information connected to the 2019 summer courses will be updated continuously until the first day of the application period.

Summer courses with no tuition fees

Tuition fees for the following summer courses are covered by Lund University. You need to cover your own travel expenses, visa- and living costs. 

  • University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, U21 International Summer School 
    26 June–11 July 2018
    The duration of each of these courses may vary. Courses in the following disciplines are offered: Politics, Culture and Media, Business, Creative Writing, Intensive Mandarin for beginners 
  • Summer Courses at Aarhus University, Denmark
    July–August 2018
    The duration of each of these courses may vary. Courses in the following disciplines are offered: Business, Social Sciences, Science, Technology, Health, Humanities
  • Tampere Summer School, Tammerfors, Finland
    6–17 August
    The duration of each of these courses may vary. Courses in the following discipline are offered: Business/Finance, Social Sciences, Science, Technology, Health, Humanities
  • Korea University, International Summer Campus
    6 weeks: 26 June–2 August 2018
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong, International Summer School
    The summer courses are offered in three different time periods: 
    24 June–1 August 2018
    24 June–19 August 2018
    3–25 August 2018
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong Global Summer School
    a) Two-week courses (11–26 July 2018) focusing on the following topics:
    - Chinese Policy and City Governance
    - Traditional Chinese Medicine and Culture
    - Green City
    - Outlook of Future Techniques in Aerospace Engineering
    - Strategic Design for the Enhancement of Architectural, Urban, Environmental Resources
    - China's Policy on Climate Change, Energy and Environment
    - Discovery China
    b) Three-week courses (11 July–3 August 2018) focusing on the following topics:
    - Discover Chinese Culture Through Creative Drama
    - Green Technology for Environmental Pollution Control
  • Utrecht Summer SchoolUtrecht University, the Netherlands
    June–August 2018
    The duration of each of these courses may vary. Courses in the following disciplines are offered: Culture, Social Sciences, Art and Music

Summer courses at the Nordic Centres in Asia

The Nordic Centres in China and India aim to increase understanding and create closer ties between the Nordic countries and China/India through research and education cooperation. To take part in these summer activities, you need to be nominated by Lund University. You cover the tuition fees, travel expenses, any visa fees and living expenses yourself. 

Application and attachments

Your 3 highest ranked choices in the application for summer courses will be taken into account. The attachments required for a complete application may vary depending on which summer course you are applying for.

The following attachments are compulsory:

  • 1 Statement of purpose – present your reasons for wanting to attend a summer course abroad (only 1 SoP for all application choices, max 1 A4)
  • CV (max 1 A4)
    You do not need to attach your grades from Ladok (they will be retrieved from Ladok by External Relations)

Special attachments are required for some application choices:

  • Study Plan – choice of courses (only for: Utrecht, Aarhus, Korea, CUHK)
  • Separate application forms (only for Nordic Centre Fudan)

Go to the online application system that will be open during the application period from 25 January to 8 February

Assessment of your application and notification of nomination

The applicants will be selected on the basis of the following:

  • The application with attachments must be complete and in correct English; incomplete applications will not be considered
  • Statement of Purpose/ description of reasons for travel and what you want to get out of your summer course are important in the assessment process (one A4 page)
  • CV – previous qualifications and engagements are reviewed
  • Study results retrieved from Ladok are reviewed
  • Special attachments are taken into account
  • Applicants with no previous experience of exchange studies at LU are prioritised
  • An equal distribution between applicants from different faculties is sought
  • International students who apply for summer courses in their home countries are not prioritised
  • Exchange students at Lund University are not prioritised

All applicants are notified via email approximately three to four weeks after the application deadline. If you receive an offer but do not reply, you are assumed to have declined the offer.

Credit transfer

Credits from summer courses can sometimes be included in your degree, but this is not a requirement for being eligible to apply.

Non-EU/EEA students (who are required to pay tuition fees at Lund University) that are nominated to these summer schools and who choose/ are allowed to get the course accredited by Lund University will pay the regular tuition fee per number of credits accredited. Lund University will issue an invoice that will be sent to the student after accreditation. 

Contact information

Primary contact via email:
sommarkurs_utomlands [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

You can also visit the International Desk during regular opening hours:

The International Desk

Page Manager:

Contact information

Primary contact for summer courses abroad: sommarkurs_utomlands [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

You can also contact International Desk

Other summer courses abroad

Some faculties offer summer courses abroad within specific fields. These courses are open to students at the faculty.