Future Week 2020

Through the annual popular science event, Future Week, we wish to spread knowledge about the latest research at Lund University. The week is aimed at students, the business sector, alumni, the general public and employees who are interested in the biggest future issues of our times.

A compass with the Swedish word for 'future' on it

Future Week 12–18 October 2020

Future Week will be held this year, but in a slightly different format to last year’s event.

There will be several physical events on the programme, but with limitations on the number of participants according to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations. New for this year is that all physical events will require preregistration to ensure that the limit for the number of participants is not exceeded. On the other hand, almost all the events organised during the week will be made available online, either via streaming or video clips, or as sound recordings. Several of the online events will also require preregistration.

All the information on the week’s events, how to register and how to access online events is published in respective event entries in the calendar and in the programme.

This year’s theme is Forces in Motion. The coronavirus and its impact – a strong force in motion – will, of course, be covered during the week and this, as well as other equally importance forces and their effect, will be discussed and highlighted.

See the full programme (in Swedish, and including events held in Swedish) on lu.se

Coronavirus information:

In these times, we are particularly mindful of safeguarding all participants’ safety and health. Future Week complies with the Swedish Public Health Agency’s and Government’s decisions and recommendations. This means that seating is limited for physical events. Premises and logistics before and after the event are also adapted to enable social distancing. We urge all those who feel even the mildest symptoms of a cold or other illness to stay at home!

Events in English during Future Week

The whole week

Are you a future cat whisperer? Quiz and video
Where: Online
When: Material available the whole week

Video: ‘Here' and ‘there'
Where: Online
When: Material available the whole week

In Light of Flowing Circumstances
Where: Skissernas Museum
When: Installation available the whole week

Taking Seat – Welcome to the Sound Bench
Where: Skissernas Museum
When: Installation available the whole week

The butterflies ascended by Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir
Where: Botanical Garden, in the Greenhouse
When: Installation available 14–18 October, 11:00–15:00

Monday 12 October

Underwater Sounds – Sonic Perspectives on Oceanic Ecologies
Where: Skissernas Museum
When: 14:00–18:00 I Pre-registration is required

Tuesday 13 October

Post pandemic trends on sustainability
Where: Webinar on Zoom (online)
When: 08:30–09:30

Wednesday 14 October

Fika: Talking Culture amid Crises – what you need to know when the crises come
Where: Mindpark, Campus Helsingborg & Zoom (online)
When: 10:00–11:00 I Pre-registration is required

Art as a societal force. Understanding and addressing the plastic crisis through photography and visual representation
Where: Lund City Library
When: 12:00–13:00 I Pre-registration is required

The future of traveling, mobility and flying
Where: Lund City Library
When: 15:00–16:00 I Pre-registration is required

Launching The Rough Planet Guide to Notterdam, 2045 edition: tour tomorrow, today!
Where: Skissernas Museum
When: 16:00-18:00 I Pre-registration is required

Who’s in charge? – Accountability and the Sustainable Development Goals
Where: Live-stream on YouTUbe
When: 17:00–18:30

Thursday 15 October

Social Movements – a force for change?
Where: Eden & online
When: 16:00–17:30 I Pre-registration is required

The future is already here: A virtual tour of Lund University Humanities Lab
Where: Zoom (online)
When: 15:00–15:30

Saturday 17 October

Repair: a force against entropy!
Where: Zoom (online)
When: 20:00–21:30 I Pre-registration is required

Find more events (in Swedish) on lu.se.

Contact information

Louise Pierce, Project Manager

louise [dot] pierce [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se

Telephone: +46 (0)46 222 79 01