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Future Week 2021

18–24 October 2021

Future Week is an initiative with the aim to give the University a platform to raise crucial and pressing issues regarding the future, connected to a specific theme. The popular science events are designed for audiences both from within and outside the academic world.

A compass with the Swedish word for 'future' on it

The Future Week 2021 theme

The theme for this year's Future Week is Breakthroughs. What breakthroughs are needed in research and society for us to be able to face the future in the best way possible? What are the breakthroughs that we anticipate? Moreover, when can we talk about breakthroughs during the creative process?

The Future Week 2021 programme

All events, including the events that are held in Swedish, can be found on 

See all Future Week 2021 events on

Below, you can find the physical and digital events that will be held in English.

Groundbreaking insights without breaking ground (digital event)

When: Monday 18 October–Sunday 24 October
Where: The Humanities Lab's YouTube channel

Innovation in times of crisis – long-run perspectives (physical event)

Time: 16:30–17:30
Place: Lund City Library

Online Political Polarisation: Which Knowledge Breakthroughs Do We Need in Order to Understand It? (physical and digital event)

Time: 17:00–18:00
Place: Skissernas Museum, Rausingsalen & live-stream and event recording at Lund University's YouTube-channel

Oatly's John Schoolcraft on fearless leadership (digital event)

Time: 09:00–10:00
Place: Online (YouTube)

From breakthroughs in climate science to new legal frameworks and climate actions: what are the potentials and pitfalls? (digital event)

Time: 09:00–10:15
Place: Online (Zoom) 

Artificial Persons – breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and personhood (physical event)

Time: 10:00–11:30
Place: the lecture hall at the Pufendorf IAS, Biskopsgatan 3, Lund

Tomorrow's news today? A special issue of LUM looks at LU's possible futures (physical event)

Time: 14:30–17:00
Place: Skissernas museum, Rausingsalen, Lund

From Robots to Rust: Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development (digital event)

Time: 17:00–18:00
Place: Online

MAX IV and ESS as engines for breakthrough science (digital event)

Time: 12:45–14:00
Place: live-stream at Lund University's YouTube-channel

Trendspotting: 'Breakthroughs' in the Middle East

Time: 15:00–16:30
Place: Skissernas museum, Rausingsalen, Lund

A Breakthrough in the Diagnosis of Mental Illness: Artificial Intelligence for the Analysis of Language

Time: 17:00–18:00
Place: Online

EUGLOH roundtable discussion: Has eHealth implementation reached a breakthrough in Europe?

Time: 10:00–11:00
Place: Online (Zoom)

The recognition of the importance of international recruitment

Time: a video is published on YouTube at 16:00

A new look at breakthrough innovation – how women can change the world (physical and digital event)

Time: 13:30–16:15
Place: Main University Building, foyer and online

Podcast The Meridian: Neutrons at ESS during Future Week

Time: the podcast is released at 17:00

Contact information

Charlotta Sokulski Bateld, Project Manager

Email: charlotta [dot] sokulski_bateld [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se