Being a student ambassador abroad

When you are nominated to go on an exchange to one of Lund University’s partner universities, or if you have been on an exchange to Lund University and have returned to your home university, you have the right and responsibility to be an ambassador of the University.

Student ambassadors talking to prospective students at a fair

Representing Lund University abroad

As a current student at Lund University going on an exchange, or as a student who has returned to the home university after an exchange at Lund University, you are one of our most important representatives abroad. During your time abroad, or once you are back at your home university, you may get asked to give a presentation about Lund University, or even to represent the University at a Study Abroad fair.

On this page, we have gathered information that can help facilitate your role as an ambassador and that provides you with the material you need.

You have an important role in inspiring prospective exchange students to come to Lund. Exchange students contribute to the international profile of Lund University, which is an important part of making the University one of the best in the world. Many exchange students also come back to Lund for further studies later on.

Remember that the more incoming exchange students we receive, the more students at Lund get a chance to go abroad for an exchange. So, there are several good reasons to market Lund University when you are abroad!

Useful tools when representing Lund University

Student brochures/printed material

Presentation films

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