Your key to student life in Lund

Studentlund membership gives you access to social, cultural and political student life in Lund.

A Studentlund ambassador at an information booth at a fair

Lund University is well-known for its unique student life and fantastic campus atmosphere. The variety of student organisations, including the famous 'nations' of Lund, provides excellent opportunities for you to experience student life and to join in student events. You can get involved by joining Studentlund!

Membership of Studentlund gives you access to everything ranging from student discounts, cheap accommodation, interesting talks, entertaining theatre and a wide range of other social activities, through to student influence in the University and guaranteed monitoring of education.

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Membership gives you access to the nations, the Academic Society and the student unions.

The student nations

Getting involved with the nations is a great way to meet friends and enjoy student life. The nations organise a lot of social activities including social sports, clubs (e.g. photography) as well as parties, cheap dinner nights and social events. Some nations also have accommodation.

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The Academic Society (AF)

The Academic Society ('Akademiska Föreningen' or AF) organises a number of events and student activities at Lund University. The student associations affiliated with the academic society offer students a wide selection of cultural and social activities to enrich their time in Lund.

The student unions

The student unions work primarily with educational affairs, and the goal is to maintain high quality in all courses and programmes at Lund University. In addition to monitoring education, the student unions also organises social activities, help out with business contacts, arranges job fairs and lectures. They also arrange welcome activities for new students.

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Join Studentlund

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Student discount card

When you join Studentlund, you get ’Studentkortet’ that functions both as an ID-card/membership card (when you attend student events at the student unions and nations) and as a student discount card. The card (+ your regular ID card) gives you access to discounts at certain cafés, restaurants and on travels (e.g. Skanetrafiken and SJ) as well as discounts on fashioncomputers, mobile phones, books and much more, in shops and online.

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