Campus Helsingborg student organisations

Three students talking to each other in front of a message board with flyers on it at Campus Helsingborg

By joining Studentlund, students in Helsingborg get access to student life in Lund. In addition to this, students in Lund can join organisations that are unique to Helsingborg.

More about Studentlund

Agora and ING-sekt student unions

There are two large student unions for students in Helsingborg. Engineering students belong to ING-sekt which is an independent part of the Faculty of Engineering students' union, TLTH in Lund. ING-sekt is an active union that, apart from handling student rights, organises social events including the Arrival Week activities. Note, that the TLTH union (and ING-sekt) are not an official part of Studentlund and require separate membership.

If you study Service Management or Strategic Communication, Agora is the union for you. Agora is affiliated to the Social Sciences students’ union in Lund and apart from handling politics and student rights, Agora arranges activities such as Arrival Week, the spring ball and an annual careers fair. You become a member of Agora when you join Studentlund.

Stampus student association

All students in Helsingborg also have the opportunity to join Stampus – a vibrant student association that organises a great number of activities and events, such as pub nights, festivals, dinners and ski-trips. Stampus also runs various sports teams and the student radio Stampus FM. Stampus serves a function similar to that of the nations in Lund, but is not an official part of Studentlund; joining Stampus therefore requires separate membership.

Other student organisations

MiH Future help students gain valuable contacts with the local business sector through various networking activities.

Students who are interested in drama can join the Helsingborgsspex.

Meet us on campus

Representatives from the student organisations are available on campus during the introduction/arrival week to answer questions and help students register as a member. If you arrive after the introduction/arrival week, please contact the organisations by email or visit their representatives on campus.

For more information

For more information about Stampus, the unions and other student activities at Campus Helsingborg visit the Helsingborgsstudent website or read the information on the Campus Helsingborg website.