International fairs and events

Lund University attends selected graduate fairs and on-campus events around the world to meet with future students interested in studying at Lund University.

An LU representative in the LU booth at an international fair

Pre-departure events spring 2020

In spring, after the admission results are announced, we normally visit several non-EU/EEA countries to meet admitted students in person, at so-called pre-departure events. This will unfortunately not be possible this spring because of the global travel restrictions that are currently in place due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Instead, we will now be hosting general as well as country-specific webinars for admitted students. 

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More pre-departure webinars will be announced shortly, so make sure to check back and see whether there will be a webinar specifically for your country if no such event has been announced so far. 

Student recruitment events – autumn 2020

We will publish planned events for autumn 2020 here as soon as we know more. Depending on the situation in relation to the coronavirus at that time, we will either physically attend selected graduate fairs and on-campus events in countries around the world – alongside virtual fairs – or we will exclusively attend virtual fairs and host webinars for prospective students from specific countries or regions. Below you can see the countries we visited and the events we hosted in autumn 2019.

Student recruitment events in Lund – autumn 2019

We held the Lund University Graduate Fair in Lund on 28 November 2019. 

Student recruitment events around the world autumn 2019

In August–November 2019, we visited Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Turkey, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. 

We also participated in virtual fairs for prospective students in Latin America and Africa.

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