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The Amazing Brain

Science week, 4-10 September 2017
Theme week about what is perhaps our most important body part – the brain!

Illustration of the human brain

See the programme for the science week the Amazing Brain and the culture week Art in Time and Space (PDF, 1 MB)

The human brain is amazing! During this week we will address issues focusing on perhaps our most important body part, including such diverse areas as the effect of music on the brain, what happens when the brain doesn’t work, how to eat smart, if there is actually anything that is normal, and much more. Come and hear fascinating lectures, take part in fun experiments, and see interesting exhibitions – all on the topic of the brain!

Main symposium

The Amazing Brain

Date: 6 September I Time: 09:00-16:30 I Place: Lund City Hall
Leading scientists will unravel some of the secrets of how the brain works and help us understand how this jelly-like clump can generate everything from actions to thoughts and conscience.
Learn more about the symposium in the event calendar at

Watch the video clips from the different speakers at the symposium on Lund University's YouTube channel

Events and activities during the week

Brain Expo '17 - Mini Expo on Brain Diseases

Date: 4 September I Time: 10:00-14:00 I Place: Lund City Hall
The Brain Expo '17 puts the spotlight on NGOs and patient organisations who daily engage in informing about the brain and its diseases. This event will be held in Swedish, but if you do not speak Swedish you are still welcome to the expo.
Learn more about the expo at (in Swedish)

Printing the Future – Lecture on 3D printing

Date: 5 September I Time: 10:00-11:00 I Place: Stora Hörsalen, IKDC, Lund
Learn how 3D printing is changing the laws that designers and engineers have previously been limited by in this open lecture with Professor Olaf Diegel. The lecture will be held in English.
More about the event at (listed in Swedish, but will be held in English)

Printing the Future – Open House in the 3D Laboratory

Date: 5 September I Time: 11:00-16:00 I Place: 3D Print Laboratory, IKDC, Lund
See 3D printers in use and talk to the professors who work with the technique. Also, see exhibition of things printed in 3D with everything from musical instruments to prostheses and lamps.
Information about the event at (listed in Swedish, but is suitable to English speakers as well)

The Brain Prize Symposium: The Functions of Neural Networks

Date: 5 September I Time: 13:00-17:00 I Place: Eden Lecture Hall, Paradisgatan 5H, Lund
How does the brain work? Leading scientists in the field will discuss some of the most exciting advances in this rapidly developing field. The symposium is open to all students and researchers in neuroscience, but please register for the event in advance.
Learn more and register in the event calendar at

The Dark Side of Neurotechnology: What Are Neuroweapons and Are They Lawful?

Date: 5 September I Time: 16:00-18:00 I Place: Pufendorfsalen, Juridicum (Faculty of Law building), Lund
Learn more about the event in the calendar at

Debate in Lund: Can Neuroscience Explain the Human Mind?

Date: 5 September I Time: 20:00-21:00 I Place: Athen, AF-borgen, Lund
Can we still argue that there is free will when research shows that many decisions are taken unconsciously?
Learn more about the debate at 

Watch the video clip of the debate on (the debate was held in English, but the website is in Swedish).

Exhibition: On the Thresholds of Knowledge

Date: 6-24 September I Time: See events page at Place: Kungshuset
Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art and Inter Arts Center present a site specific art exhibition in Kungshuset. For the first time in centuries this remarkable building will be open to the public. The exhibition explores the concept of knowledge with both local and international artists.
See opening hours for the exhibition at

Advances in Neurotechnology for Understanding Brain Functions and Disorders

Date: 7 September I Place: Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 4
Understanding how the brain functions in normal conditions and in disease is one of the major scientific challenges. During the last decade an impressive development has occurred in innovative neurotechnology which is likely to revolutionize neuroscience and neurology in the near future. This one day symposium will provide an overview of this exciting field.
See the programme and sign up at

Theme: The Brain 

Date: 9-10 September I Time: 12:00-17:00 I Place: Vattenhallen Science Centre
Vattenhallen holds an open house, with free entrane, and offers a Brain show and challenging experiments. Researchers from the Department of Biology will be there to show and tell about the animals and the world. Hear, see and feel how animals use their brains and minds to work in their environment. 

In the science centre's planetarium, there will be discussions about the difference between humans and machines in relation to the exploration of our solar system.
Learn about the open house at

Other events

Check the events calendar to see other events during our jubilee year.

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