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What Raili say about the Master's in European Affairs

Raili Reemets from Estonia

Raili Reemets from Estonia

Why did you choose Lund University?

I chose Lund University foremost for the international reputation and the high ranking of the university. Other reasons included great environment, international education and possibility to gain friends from all over the world.

Why did you choose the Master's in European Affairs?

I was interested in international relations and economy and European Affairs seemed the most attractive and beneficial programme in relation to my interests. It gives an outstanding foundation for students interested in international affairs, especially European Union’s matters. In addition to giving knowledge, the programme boosts future job prospects.

What do you think of the programme?

The programme itself is at times challenging, but always rewarding. The teachers really make you think, and not just do, which expands your analytical and critical thinking.

I guess what makes the programme even better are the fellow students. We have people from over ten different countries and cultures, so a lot of fresh and useful insights are offered by other students.

What do you think of the way of studying?

The way of studying is different from what I was used to. The large amount of group work and presentations were surprising at first, but once you get into it, you become aware of the benefits. Pushing you out of your comfort zone, this style makes you develop areas that you will use in your everyday work life. Group work also makes the process more fun, usually.

How do you find the social life?

Lund is the best mix of good study environment and active social life. Though there is constantly something happening in Lund, Sweden’s third largest city Malmö and Denmark’s capital Copenhagen are only a short train ride away. Add awesome course mates and it is just impossible to get bored!