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Biotechnology student ambassador Manuel

student ambassador

Introducing Manuel Cantero

Hi! My name is Manuel and I'm the student ambassador for the Master's programme in Biotechnology. I am happy to answer questions you might have about the programme, courses, student life, life in Lund and Sweden. Please note that I cannot answer questions about the application process, scholarships or residence permits.

My experience so far

The content of the programme is really interesting and covers a variety of topics. It gives you a good insight into the possibilities available out there. The focus is on practical and technical knowledge, which means that you learn about things that have an application in the real world, such as solving problems and tackling issues that concern modern society – for example climate change, novel treatments for diseases, renewable energy, waste valorisation, etc.

My favourite feature of this programme is that it provides hands-on experience with situations that resemble the real world in biotechnology. And even though I expected some subjects to dig deeper into the content, I am definitely enjoying the programme because I got introduced to new areas of knowledge and research. I expected to learn new things and broaden my mindset towards biotechnology, and this programme surely achieved that. 

I am still slightly unsure about what I want to do after graduation, but I will probably work in a biotech company or research institute developing new ways to produce environmentally-friendly chemicals and biotechnological processes that substitute the current oil-based ones. 

Living in Lund is a wonderful experience. It is a small university city with a lot of things going on and it is easy to get involved if you are interested in something in particular, since there are usually students with common interests. It is very easy to make friends as there are a lot of international students, and Swedes can be a little bit tricky to become friends with. Everybody goes everywhere by bike and this makes life in Lund much easier and less stressful. The thing I'll remember the most from my experience here will be my friends, the places I visited and the importance that sunlight has on everyday life! 

Contact me

ambassador_bio [at] lth [dot] lu [dot] se

About Manuel

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Universidad de Sevilla, Spain