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What Vinoth says about the Master's in Embedded Electronics Engineering

Vinoth from India

Why did you choose to study in Lund?

I chose the Master’s Programme in System on Chip (now Embedded Electronics Engineering - Ed.) at Lund University since I was interested to pursue my Master’s studies in the area of RFIC design. Lund University is one of the top universities in the world and this programme is famous at the Faculty of Engineering. Inventions like Bluetooth also inspired me to study at the Faculty of Engineering. Also, the student atmosphere is very good in Lund and I enjoyed my student life there.

What did you think of the programme?

It is very practical and covers a variety of subjects, from the basics of electronics design to state of the art circuit design. The programme is well structured and the practical sessions are very good. The RFIC design track is well defined. I had the opportunity to design a chip and realise it after manufacturing.

The programme is hard and I spent most of my time in the university. However, that gave me the opportunity to interact with students from different nationalities. The experience was great. Swedish people are very kind and honest. I improved both personally and professionally during my stay in Lund.

What are you doing now? 

I am now working as a RFIC designer at Catena Microelectronics (now acquired by NXP semiconductors), located in the Netherlands. I did my degree project (thesis) in the mixed signal group of NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands. Since I worked hard on my degree project, I got a job offer from the same company.

Before I got this job, I applied to several other European companies. Even though there are not a large amount of job opportunities in Europe for RFIC designers, you are sure to get a job after finishing your studies if you work hard and get good grades. Lund University has a good reputation all around the world.