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What Sercan says about the Master's in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Sercan Eminoglu from Turkey

Sercan Eminoglu from Turkey

Why did you choose Lund University?

Lund is one of the European universities that has an industrial engineering department and the university is very strong in research, including inventory control. I also chose Lund because of the way they encourage students and are open to student ideas.

What are the class dynamics like?

Students in my programme have different backgrounds and we often work together in groups. In my last assignment there were 5 students in the group, each with a different cultural and academic background – Mexico, USA, China, Morocco, Turkey - studying food technology, logistics, business, construction engineering and industrial engineering. This created a really colourful, multicultural and positive atmosphere to learn from each other.

In our programme we work hard, but it is very focused and efficient, which means that there is also time to relax with friends.

What is the learning environment like?

The teachers are very open and you can always go to their office if you have questions. Their goal is to create an atmosphere in which we can learn and the focus is on teaching and the students. It is an open platform and the teachers are open to listening to our ideas.

How is the programme connected to industry?

My programme has a very good balance of quantitative and qualitative courses, so this is very good to combine theory with practical knowledge.

We have a lot of guest lecturers from factories and companies teaching us about the implementation of theories, as well as guest lecturers from other departments, or open guest lectures organised by the student union. It’s great to learn a theory and then see the reality from a guest lecturer.

Through these interactions I’ve also been inspired to consider entrepreneurship in Lund. The Faculty of Engineering is just a five minute walk to Ideon Science Park, where you can meet other entrepreneurs and discuss ideas and get inspired. There is a lot of support and there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs here.

What is it like to be a student at Lund University and to live in Lund? 

You can consider Lund University as a big family and you can be a part of it. The University is very big and made up of people from all around the world. You can have contact with many countries, many people and many guest lecturers. You can learn at any time – in this way you learn a lot.

The city of Lund has such a great atmosphere – it is old and traditional with stone buildings and it is quiet and peaceful. You are close to big cities like Malmö and Copenhagen, but far from a stressful life in a big city. I feel a part of this city, a part of this atmosphere.

What do you enjoy most about living in Sweden? 

I like Swedish culture and the people. Swedish culture is open to new cultures and new ideas and Swedes are very creative. They listen to you and try to help you if they can. Swedes are well-educated and it is one of the best countries in English as a second language – that’s another opportunity when coming here to study.

Sweden is not a crowded country, but if you look at published journal articles you will see there are lot of articles from this small population, which really illustrates the quality of education here.